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Instagrammer Live-Streams Birth Of Her Son On Social Media

Instagrammer Live-Streams Birth Of Her Son On Social Media

Isaacs explained how she wanted to do her ‘little part’ to show that ‘women are strong’ and that birth ‘can be amazing’

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

An Aussie Instagrammer has bravely live-streamed the birth of her son, sharing the experience with all of her 56,000 social media followers.

Emma Isaacs is the founder and global CEO of Business Chicks, and also posts about her life as mum to six kids on Instagram.

Isaacs, who lives in Los Angeles, California, announced last month that she'd be streaming the birth of her child, writing on Instagram: "When my last baby Piper was born I really wanted to live stream the birth but got talked out of it and really regretted it afterwards.

"I don't want to make that same mistake again so I'm going to live stream this one (which let's be honest, could happen anytime from about now).

Emma Isaacs/Instagram

"I've had five amazing home births and really hope the sixth will be much the same. I'm also open to the possibility it might not be."

Isaacs explained how she wanted to do her 'little part' to show that 'women are strong' and that birth 'can be amazing', whatever people's choices are.

Then the big day came, with Isaacs taking to Instagram yesterday (1 June) to say it looked like there may be 'some baby action tonight', with her contractions about seven minutes apart.

She said: "I'm going to hand my phone over to friends and family who are here with me (let's hope they know what they're doing!) and will see you all on the other side... We'll start by sharing some stories then go live when it feels right.

"My two midwives and doula [a professional who provides emotional and physical support during childbirth] aren't here yet, but shouldn't be too long. I'm feeling strong and ready."

Eventually, Isaacs' baby was ready to arrive in the world, despite the process taking a little longer than she expected.

In an update video after the birth, she said: "Thank you for being there last night as we welcomed this baby into the world. It was a really special time."

Emma Isaacs/Instagram

Isaacs continued: "It certainly wasn't as fast as I would have liked! I think labour started around 8pm, and I was having really, really good contractions and it was all speeding up and gearing up really well. When I got in the tub it all sort of just stopped - which is cool; that's a lesson in patience and not knowing what you're going to get with birth."

Isaacs confirmed her son was doing 'really, really well', and was born weighing 4.1kgs.

She added: "Sharing that with you guys was also really, really special."

Featured Image Credit: Emma Isaacs/Instagram

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