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Australian Royal Mint Is Releasing 26 Limited Edition $1 Coins To Collect

Australian Royal Mint Is Releasing 26 Limited Edition $1 Coins To Collect

There's one for every letter of the alphabet, including E for esky, M for meat pie, U for ute, and Z for Zooper Dooper.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

There have been so many iterations of the Australian currency that it's hard to keep up. Sometimes the switch up is due to changing values and other times it's just for a bit of a promotional deal to represent current Australia.

But the Australian Royal Mint is about to release a set of new $1 coins that will be everyone's favourite.

Australian Royal Mint

There will be 26 commemorative coins, one for each letter of the alphabet and each letter will represent something iconic about Australia.

You could probably make your own A-Z list of legendary Australian things but the Royal Mint has done a pretty good job.

Australia Post consumer and community executive general manager Nicole Sheffield said: "We want everyone to get involved.

"Not only will it be really exciting to hunt for all the coins and build an amazing collection, but each and every coin opens up the opportunity for wonderful conversations about quintessential Australian life.

"It's a great way for grandparents to connect with grandchildren, and for all of us to share our own experiences and memories with each other - both here and with friends and family overseas."

Australian Royal Mint

Now, you won't be able to get these from just anywhere.

Australia Post is being sneaky by releasing a new coin every week from October and you only get it if you buy something at an Australia Post store and get the commemorative coin in change.

There is a coin for every occasion; E for esky, Q for quokka, V for Vegemite, I for Iced Vovo, H for Hills Hoist, Z for Zooper Dooper, M for meat pie, T for thongs, S for surfing and N for Neighbours, plus plenty more.

Assistant treasurer Michael Sukkar said: "We are excited that The Great Aussie Coin Hunt has now officially launched, giving families and all Australians the opportunity to participate in a fun and educational nationwide coin hunt."

This is the biggest minting of Aussie coins since it began in 1984, according to They'll start flooding through Australia Post stores on October 21.

Featured Image Credit: Australia Post

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