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Australians Started Panic Buying Alcohol After Non-Essential Service Shutdown Announcement

Australians Started Panic Buying Alcohol After Non-Essential Service Shutdown Announcement

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced yesterday that the country would be entering a Stage One lockdown due to the coronavirus.

That means all non-essential services like pubs, gyms, movie theatres and places of worship would have to shut down. Restaurants and cafes will only be able to serve takeaway.


Many Aussies took that to mean that bottle shops would be closed and, as a result, many were seen rushing to their local to pick up a few cases so they would have enough grog to last them.

Photos and videos uploaded to social media show queues of people with loads of beer, wine, spirits and other drinks.

One person wrote on Twitter: "Can report there is now panic buying at Dan Murphy's. Every car space in our local branch is full, everyone is loading up. We're going to be one trashed socially isolated nation for a while.

Another added: "Only in Mosman. Just went up to the local Dan Murphy's to get a bottle of Tonic for a much needed G&T. Found a security guard and long line of locals trying to stock up before non-essential closures. Forget the toilet paper."


However, authorities have cleared up the confusion and revealed that bottlos are classed as an essential service and will remain open during the shutdown.

They are in the same category as supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores, petrol stations, medical and health facilities, banks, freight and logistics, food delivery, hairdressers and beauticians.

Mr Morrison said while this was going to be a strange time for many Australians, it is necessary to prevent more people from being infected with Covid-19.

He said in a press conference: "What we're doing here is dealing with the principal places of social gathering.

"We don't now have any confidence that people would refrain from gathering in those ways, in those places, pubs, clubs, nightclubs and Dr Murphy has made it pretty clear that's principally among the younger community.

"We have no confidence that will be followed, so unfortunately, because guidelines can't be followed, then for public health reasons we now need to take a further action which shuts those gatherings down."

Chief medical officer Brendan Murphy added: "If Australia is going to get through the challenge of this pandemic over the coming months, we have to live differently.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

"We've been making that point very clear over the last week. But it's also clear that some people haven't got it. I'm particularly talking to young people who may think they're immune to the effects of this virus.

"As a young person you don't want to be responsible for the severe and possibly fatal disease of an elder, vulnerable Australian."

Authorities were disappointed to see so many Australians over Friday and Saturday disobey advice on social distancing and avoiding unnecessary gatherings.

Australia now has 1,609 cases of Covid-19 with seven deaths and nine people recovering.

Featured Image Credit: @l_n_k13/Twitter

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