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Bartender Wanted For Dream Job Of Pulling Pints At Floating Pub In Jamaica

Bartender Wanted For Dream Job Of Pulling Pints At Floating Pub In Jamaica

The current bartender at Floyd's Pelican Bar, Floyd, is in need of a bit of a break - which is where you step in

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

We all know that sinking feeling that comes with the morning alarm, when you realise you have to drag yourself out of your warm, cosy bed and into the office for another day of the daily grind.

But what if your commute didn't involve 40 minutes on a packed bus, but paddle boarding across crystal clear waters? What if your office wasn't in some sterile high rise, but a secluded floating bar in the Caribbean?

That's the life you could be living - temporarily, at least - as Virgin Holidays is looking for someone to take over the reins at Floyd's Pelican bar in Jamaica.

You see, Floyd, the titular bartender of the famed drinking hole, is in need of a bit of a break. That's where you step in.

Floyd with supermodel-turned-publican Jodie Kidd.
Virgin Holidays

"Say 'Hi' to Floyd!" the Virgin Holidays website says.

"He's been pulling pints at Floyd's Pelican Bar in Jamaica since he opened it in 2001. And we think he needs a break!

"That's where you come in - we're looking for a bartender to head out to Jamaica to take Floyd's place for a while.

"You'll pull pints in one of the most Instagrammable drinking spots in the world. With flights and seven nights accommodation included, you'll enjoy a taste (and a sip or two) of the Caribbean. Cheers to that!"

There are some rules - but don't worry, there's nothing you can't handle.

Along with being 'willing to commute by boat or paddle board, even when the weather is a little too beautiful to go to work', and 'eager to chat to locals and tourists alike and get to know them over a cool bottle of local beer', you must be up for managing the music playlist to ensure 'chilled beats are playing at all times'. Total doddle, I know.

Floyd's Pelican Bar floats around a mile off Jamaica.
Virgin Holidays

Every now and again, you might also have to throw the occasional fish to the resident pelicans - which is how the bar got its name - and welcome passing boats looking for a refreshment.

Finally, the perfect candidate must be able to multitask. Why? Because it can be tricky to hand out beer and appreciate the glistening turquoise water at the same time, obviously.

Supermodel turned publican, Jodie Kidd, who will be helping to judge the applications, said: "I love being a pub landlady here in the UK, but if I had the opportunity to take the best of the job and do it all from an island paradise in the Caribbean, I wouldn't say no.

Jodie Kidd will help judge the applications.
Virgin Holidays

"This is an incredible chance for anyone looking to combine the best job in the world with one of the best overseas destinations - and give a local legend a well-deserved holiday - so what are you waiting for?"

Joe Thompson, Managing Director of Virgin Holidays, said: "We think the Caribbean is your playground - filled with so much fun and beauty to explore, from the white beach sands to the vibrant culture.

"We have sent millions of British holiday-makers to explore this idyllic part of the world over the last few decades, but never like this.

"It's an opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the Jamaican culture - a once in a lifetime experience."

If you think you're the right pint-puller for the job, get yourself in with a chance by visiting the Virgin Holidays website, where you can also find the full terms and conditions.

Featured Image Credit: Virgin Holidays

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