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Beaches In Benidorm To Open Up With New Rules From Tomorrow

Beaches In Benidorm To Open Up With New Rules From Tomorrow

It'll be a while before British tourists will be back, though

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

After three months of closure, the beaches of Benidorm are ready to open once again to take in sun-worshippers.

Starting tomorrow, the beaches will be open once again to tourists, and could be able to take in British holidaymakers again once the advice on overseas travel changes in the UK.

Benidorm is actually one of the last few holiday resorts to reopen as Spain continues to ease out of lockdown and return to something approaching normality.

As you can probably imagine, things are going to be a bit different from now on.

The local government has drawn up extensive plans alongside a beach management contractor and tourism organisation Visit Benidorm.


They're making some changes that include a beach booking system by which people can reserve sunbathing spots, designated beach areas for the over-70s, and a maximum capacity of 26,000 people on the beach at any given time.

So, once the borders of Europe reopen, and the UK government changes the current restrictions on overseas leisure travel, the summer holiday might not be too much of a pipe dream this year, after all.

It should be said that, as of yet, there is no idea when that will be.

The Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, announced earlier today that the country would be welcoming back tourists from all European countries within the Schengen area from June 21.

That excludes Portugal for now, but only because the two countries have agreed that they're going to hold a ceremonial reopening ceremony on July 1.

According to the Benidorm plan, the new system "guarantees the use of the beaches to the entire population, resident and tourist, under certain health security conditions."


Beindorm Mayor Toni Perez revealed the plan which outlines how the beaches and tourism industry are going to restart safely and deal with the subsequent demand.

He said that the reopening and implementation of the plan is going to take place before June 22, which is the date that domestic tourists from elsewhere in Spain will be able to come back.

Some of those travelling in from abroad will be able to use the areas from July 1, but the earliest Brits will be allowed on - again, if the government changes the restrictions anyway - will be July 10.

At the minute, anyone coming from Britain would have to undergo a mandatory two-week quarantine, making the whole thing a bit pointless anyway.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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