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Beer Deliverymen Prevent Man Taking His Own Life With Crate Of Beer

Beer Deliverymen Prevent Man Taking His Own Life With Crate Of Beer

Two beer delivery workers in the US have talked a suicidal man down off a bridge - by offering him beer.

The two workers were driving their delivery truck last week when they spotted the man on the other side of a chain link fence on the Earl Street Bridge in St Paul, Minnesota.


Watch this amazing footage as they manage to convince him not to jump by bribing him with free beer.

The workers, Jason Gaebel and Kwame Anderson, pull up in their truck and begin a dialogue with the suicidal man.

"Yo, bro, you alright? Man, come on this side, bro," shouts Gaebel, while Anderson called the police for assistance.

"My first impression is this is not happening right now," said Gaebel after the incident. "Is this fake?"

"I was thinking to myself, this poor guy is going to end his life in front of us and Kwame and I were here to witness it.

Credit: Facebook/Kwame Anderson
Credit: Facebook/Kwame Anderson

It was heartbreaking to see someone that way," he added.

Anderson was the one who engaged directly with the man. "I thought about his negotiating tactics in 'The Insider,'" he said, referring to the Denzel Washington movie.

"I was like 'Alright, I got to be the negotiator.' I wanted to build a rapport with him. So I asked him his name, where he grew up. He says he's got a house four blocks away from here."

"I left and I grabbed a case of beer. I came back and said if you get down from there, this is yours."

"I felt relieved. I didn't plan on saving anybody, but I knew when I saw him standing here I wasn't going to leave until he came off."


Gaebel backed his partner up, even when the police arrived.

"I could feel tension in the air; he was intimidated by white cops," he told Fox9 News. "I said my helper is an extremely intelligent guy, I said I think we can talk this guy off the ledge."

The police were full of praise for the pair, with Sergeant Mike Ernster of St Paul Police saying that "The really good thing is the person driving by saw what was going on, recognized a person in crisis and realized he could make a difference for him by stopping and talking."

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Kwame Anderson

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