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Bloke Fakes Coming Home From Pub To Wife But Prank Backfires When He Goes Viral

Bloke Fakes Coming Home From Pub To Wife But Prank Backfires When He Goes Viral

Irishman Damien Keegan had been out drinking with his mates while his wife Fiona was on holiday

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A dad got in a spot of trouble with his wife after trying to convince her he was at home instead of in the pub - only for things to backfire pretty spectacularly when he went viral.

Irishman Damien Keegan, 42, had been out drinking with his mates last Monday while wife Fiona was away in Spain.

When she called him at 9pm to check where he was, he assured her he was on his way home.

The thing is, crafty Fiona then got in touch with his daughters to ask for a picture of him in bed as evidence.

Damien roped in his daughter Naomi to help.

That's when till manufacturer Damien, from Dublin, tried to out-do his wife. Thinking he could outsmart her, he left his buddies in the pub while he got a taxi home to pose in bed for a picture - before jumping back in the cab and back to the pub, where his fellow boozers hadn't even realised he'd left.

Damien in bed.

After roping in his daughter Naomi, to help, Damien thought he'd got away with his prank - but things took a turn for the worse when she uploaded the pictures she'd taken to social media.

In one post she explained: "Shit my ma asked is Da in bed and he's acc in the pub but she's on holidays and doesn't know."

A later update added: "She asked me to take a pic of him in bed and he's getting a taxi home to get a pic in the bed and then going back out."

Fiona's sister then spotted the images online, and texted Damien to say he'd gone viral after Naomi's pictures were splashed all over the internet - especially on Twitter, where she'd racked up thousands of likes.

Another of Naomi Keegan's social media posts about her dad.
...And another.

Dad-of-four Damian said: "It had gone viral all over the internet, and even got shared in Australia.

"The whole of Dublin was talking about it. My wife was going mad, but you don't stop when you start drinking."

Damien claims he's never tried the trick with his wife before, but reckons he may have started a new trend.

"I am sure there will be a lot of people trying this trick now," he added.

However, the true hero of the story is Damien's taxi driver.

After Damien revealed he would just be hopping in and out of the taxi to complete a prank, his driver laughed and said he wouldn't be charging him.

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