​Body Modification Fans Compare Their Most Shocking Procedures

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​Body Modification Fans Compare Their Most Shocking Procedures

Two body modification fans have come together to discuss their relationship with the alternative lifestyle, chatting about everything from what first inspired them to alter their appearance through to what others often think.


Torz Reynolds, 32, and Keith Gordon, 63, are both huge fans of body modification - be it tattoos, piercings or more shocking procedures like tongue splits or even amputation.

In the latest episode of The Gap, an original video series from LADbible, the two sat down to discuss their own experiences and to compare what they'd had done.


Torz said she felt her tongue split was 'pretty special' as it was her 'first mod', before going on to tell Keith about her amputated little finger - which she did herself.

While she admitted the process was 'painful', she has no regrets about her decision.

"I was so full of adrenaline at the time and I was so happy I'd finally done it," Torz said. "I love it."

Torz shows off her tongue split
Torz shows off her tongue split

Keith, who got his first tattoo at the age of 17, said he enjoys the attention of his extreme appearance.

"I am very, very different. I know I'm very different. It's like wearing the inside outside sort of thing, so I feel like this is the real me," he said.

Both Torz and Keith talked about how they'd had scarification, with Keith saying that his - which is on his face - is now covered up with ink.

Torz also said she'd had branding, having had 'Rotten Female Meat' written across her, ahem, backside.


"That was sucky beyond all belief. I couldn't sit down for so long, either!"

However, heavily-tattooed married dad Keith said he'd draw the line at getting his eyes tattooed, saying the process would be 'too dangerous' and a 'step too far'.

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