Brazilian Breaks Own Record For Largest Wave Surfed By Woman


Brazilian Breaks Own Record For Largest Wave Surfed By Woman

A Brazilian surfer has broken her own record for largest wave surfed by a woman. You can see her ride the monster wave here:

Maya Gabeira broke her previous record by five and a half feet, with a confirmed measurement of 73.5 foot (22.4 metres).

Maya rode the wave on 11 February 2020 at the inaugural World Surf League Nazare Tow Surfing Challenge event in Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal, and it has now been validated by Guinness World Records.


According to Guinness World Records, Maya said: "To set the world record has been a dream of mine for many years.

"To get a second one is a little bit crazy - I've got to wrap my head around it.

"The wave was pretty special although it was terrifying as well."

Maya's dream once looked as though it may never become a reality, following an accident in 2013 which knocked the surfer unconscious in the middle of the water, only to be saved by fellow surfer Carlos Burle.


"I still love the sport so much even after so many hard times and serious injuries and trauma," she said.

Editor-in-Chief of Guinness World Records, Craig Glenday, said: "I always look forward to hearing updates on this record from the World Surf League, as the surfers never fail to wow us with their fearless conquering of these incredible skyscraper-sized waves.

"This year's footage is more heart-stopping than ever, so congratulations to Maya on the epic result."


The 33-year-old also set the previous record of 68 foot (20.7 metres) in Nazaré. You can watch her set that record here:

Nazaré, which is approximately 120 kilometres north of capital Lisbon, is also where the men's record was set by fellow Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa, who rode an 80 foot (24.38 metres) wave in 2018.

Featured Image Credit: World Surf League

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