Kevin Hart Responds To Backlash For 'Hoe' Joke About His Daughter
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Dublin Airport is in England now, apparently

Dublin Airport is in England now, apparently

Sometimes, just sometimes, you think that the Brits might not be at it. There's all the things we love about them: the Premier League, Stormzy, Coronation Street being just some of the things that make us forget that they're not at it.

Then, as sure as night follows day, tick follows tock, they step out of themselves and make us all remember that, yes, they are absolutely at it.

Last week's edition was when a survey was released that suggested that a full 3% of British people don't even know that Ireland exists - to paraphrase Blackadder, another of the great things the English have given us, were the IRA just wasting good matches? Now, it seems that they have forgotten that Dublin Airport is in Ireland.

The incident took place on the otherwise totally uninteresting forum of Reel History, a show on BBC with Melvyn Bragg, aka yer man off In Our Time. Bragg was talking about Bristol Airport when he uttered the line: ''It's one of Britain's top 10 airports outside London - along with the likes of Dublin, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh.''

Naturally, it didn't for a second occur to him that one of the items in that list isn't in Britain at all. For a guy who hosts probably the most overly intellectual show on the BBC in In Our Time, it was quite the oversight.

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Thankfully, the good folks at Dublin Airport were on hand to put him right on Twitter. "Say what now? Melvyn Bragg & @BBC hang your head in shame. This from #ReelHistory this evening. Big island on the right = Britain. Smaller island on the left = not Britain. We're in Ireland. Thanks."

The comments below their post on Twitter were predictably hilarious - led by the airport themselves, who posted a big map of the British Isles with a helpful reminder regarding which island was Britain and which is Ireland.

"For a country so tediously obsessed with whining about protecting their borders, you'd think some of them would at least do the due diligence of learning where those borders are," wrote one Twitter user, which made me laugh.


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Of course, the most famous incidence of them over there being at it this year came from Irish legend and celebrated chain-wearer Paul Mescal, who was mistakenly listed as "British talent" by a wide variety of newspapers when he was nominated for an Emmy for his role in Normal People. In a now famous tweet, he simply replied "I'm Irish".

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