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'You're Not Welcome, You F***wit': Bushfire Affected Residents Absolutely Rip Into Scott Morrison

'You're Not Welcome, You F***wit': Bushfire Affected Residents Absolutely Rip Into Scott Morrison

A woman refused to shake his hand while others just yelled abuse at the Prime Minister.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

The Australian Prime Minister has endured possibly the most brutal run in with locals as he toured a bushfire affected town.

After being criticised for not being on the ground, Scott Morrison and his team decided to take a trip to Cobargo, a village in the New South Wales Bega Valley.

He was probably hoping it would be a nice bit of PR, where he'd chat to some locals, shake some hands and maybe hug someone who was doing it tough.

What he actually received was something completely different.

Channel 9 showed vision of the Prime Minister speaking to one woman who said she would only shake his hand if he gave more money to the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Channel 9

Instead of having an actual conversation about financing a state agency, he just picked up her hand and shook it. Understandably, she got upset and told Mr Morrison that people in the region are desperate for more supplies to help fight the fire.

A man then got between them and Mr Morrison walked off...then the trip really went downhill.

Other locals started yelling at the Prime Minister, with one person saying: "You're not welcome, you f***wit."

Another shouted for Mr Morrison to go back to Kirribilli, the home where he lives in Sydney with his family. The Prime Minister was also hit with 'You won't be getting any votes down here buddy', 'You're an idiot' and 'Go on, piss off'.

Channel 9

Cobargo has been hit hard by the bushfires recently, with three people dead and several homes, businesses and livestock also gone. So it's no wonder why people are angry at the moment.

Channel 9 spoke to a woman, who was fed up with a lack of federal or state attention to their area, adding: "This is not fair. We are totally forgotten down here. Every single time this area gets a flood or a fire we get nothing.

"If we lived in Sydney or on the North Coast we would be flooded with donations and emergency relief."

But if you thought the vision of Mr Morrison shaking the woman's hand, when she specifically said she didn't want to do, was bad, it happened again later during the trip.

He tried to introduce himself to a firefighter, who said to the leader: "I don't really want to shake your hand."

But that didn't stop Mr Morrison; he leant in and grabbed the firie's other hand and then awkwardly walked off. The Prime Minister was later told that that firefighter had just lost his home.

The people of that region were told they would be eligible to apply for a disaster relief payment of up to $1,000 per adult and up to $400 per child.

Disasters Minister David Littleproud said: "This is for people whose home has been severely damaged or destroyed, who've been seriously injured or who've lost a family member."

"This will help to cover the immediate needs of those worst hit, and help them get through the coming days."

While that won't rebuild a person's home, it will give them a bit of financial breathing space over the next few days.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 9

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