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Cargo Vessel Loses 1,816 Shipping Containers Overboard In Rough Pacific Weather

Cargo Vessel Loses 1,816 Shipping Containers Overboard In Rough Pacific Weather

Worse things happen at sea...

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A cargo ship has lost a load of shipping containers - not far off 2,000, in fact - after getting caught up in a spot of bad weather at sea.

The ONE (Ocean Network Express) Apus cargo vessel dropped off exactly 1,816 into the briny depths of the sea before arriving into the port of Kobe in Japan's Kensai region.

According to local reports, the ship - which sails under a Japanese flag - shed the precious cargo into the sea after encountering heavy weather through the Pacific Ocean.


Still, 1,816 is a lot of containers to lose, and a lot of money lost for the company, you'd have to imagine.

The exact date of the incident isn't known, but the ship first arrived in Japan on 8 December and is reported to have suffered with the meteorological mishap 'last week'.

The Pacific Ocean is a big place, though. They could be absolutely anywhere for all we know.

Shocking images from after the disaster show the cargo ship in a state of almost total disarray, with cargo containers leaning over to the side and scattered across the deck.

Some of the piles of containers were as high as 100 metres tall.


The ONE Apus had sailed from the Chinese port of Guangdong towards California, US, across the Pacific Ocean.

Of the total 1,816 containers that were lost into the ocean, around 64 of them were thought to contain what is known as 'dangerous cargo'.

That means that they could have contained things like fireworks, batteries or liquid ethanol.


No one knows where the cargo is, and none of it has been located to date.

Well, outside of 'the bottom of the Pacific Ocean', anyway. That's not particular helpful.

In total, it is thought that the damages incurred by the shipping container company will run into the millions, not just because of the lost cargo, but also because of all the other cargo that is stacked haphazardly across the boat following the accident.

That's going to make everything a lot more complicated, for sure.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@mrnkA4srnrA

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