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Charles Bronson Told Rose West To Go And ‘Kill Herself’ After She Wrote Him A Letter

Charles Bronson Told Rose West To Go And ‘Kill Herself’ After She Wrote Him A Letter

Charles Salvador - best known as jailbird Charles Bronson, and born Michael Gordon Petersen - is a bit of an enigma.

He has been in jail for most of his life, mainly for his behaviour in prison, including numerous hostage situations, which has meant that he's still unfit for release. 43 of his 63 years have been behind bars, with one stint out of after his first sentencing, which saw him get into bare knuckle boxing.


The Luton-born jewel thief recently got engaged to extra actor Paula Williamson, 36, and even more recent than that, he is auctioning some of his work to help raise funds for cancer-stricken little legend Bradley Lowery, from Sunderland.

And it has transpired he had very strong words for child murderer Rose West, the Mirror reports, when she allegedly wrote him a love letter, also asking how she could cope in jail for the rest of her life.


He told her the best thing to do was to "hang herself."

Fred and Rosemary West. Credit: PA

On the phone from prison, he said: "Rose West sent me a letter that was like a fucking love letter.

"That's when she was on the lifers' wing in Durham."

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Serial Killer Rose West 'Going Blind' In Prison

Serial Killer Rose West 'Going Blind' In Prison

At one time Bronson and her husband Fred were on the same prison wing.

He explains what happened when the guard came over with the letter.

"I said to the guard, 'Give it to me' and he said, 'I don't know if you'll want this, Chaz, it's off Rose West."

"I sent her a card, a postcard. On the bottom of it I put, 'PS. The best thing you can do, Rose, is rip your sheets up and call it a day'."

He also claims that he shouted through the door of Fred West every day to kill himself, which he duly did in 1995.

Fred and Rose West

Fred West, over a 20-year period, murdered at least 12 people from 1967-1987 in Gloucestershire. The majority of these crimes were committed in cahoots with his wife, Rosemary, and are utterly sickening.

All of those murdered were young females and included some type of sexual gratification, including torture, bondage and mutilation. The dismembered bodies were typically burned in the grounds of their home.

Rose also murdered Fred's step-daughter, Charmaine, while Fred was in prison, and Fred also killed his first wife, Catherine, and dismembered her, as well as killing other members of their family over the years and general members of the public, including a lodger and children.

Credit: PA

The both of them had very skewed childhoods. When questioned by police over molesting underage girls, Fred was unaware he was doing anything wrong, while Rose was also molested by her father, who was a paranoid schizophrenic, as a little girl. She also performed numerous sex acts on her brother.

The pair were finally charged for their heinous crimes in 1994, after being caught in 1992 after Fred West repeatedly raped his daughter and she eventually got the courage to speak to a close friend about it. The friend's mother then called the police.

Fred West asphyxiated himself on January 1, 1995 and Rose was convicted of 10 murders.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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