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Chilling Footage Shows Intruder Standing Over Sleeping Teen

Chilling Footage Shows Intruder Standing Over Sleeping Teen

Police have now arrested a 14-year-old boy

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Horrifying CCTV footage captured the moment an intruder stood over a teenage girl while she slept in the middle of the night:

Security cameras in Angel Robinson's house picked up the moment her 14-year-old daughter woke up to a stranger towering over her at 2.30am.

The youngster immediately woke her mum up to tell her there was someone in their Kansas home. Angel made sure that her two daughters were safe in a room before calling authorities.

Wichita Police raced to the address but the intruder had left before they could find him. They have however now arrested a 14-year-old boy on suspicion of entering the home.

Speaking to KAKE, Officer Charley Davidson said that the teen faces charges of aggravated burglary and theft. His name was not released.

The intruder stood over the 14-year-old girl.

Speaking to KAKE, Angel said that her daughter 'came in and was screaming and yelling saying 'mom, somebody is in the house'.

This prompted Angel to ring the police and her own mother, Carol Robinson. The grandmother recalled: "She [Angel] says, 'Hey, Mom, he's in the house right now.' I said, 'Right now?'

"I said, 'I'm on the way,' because I'm not thinking about the weapons or nothing. I was thinking he was going to get a beat down."

There was nothing stolen from the home, which Angel says only made the situation worse.

She went on: "He didn't take anything, and I think that's scarier. Because what did you want? I don't know what you want, are you going to come back?"

Angel Robinson.

Last year another couple in New York had a similarly close shave, as they discovered a burglar in their child's bedroom after seeing movement on the baby monitor.

The pair watched on as footage from the night before showed that the man had climbed through the fire escape window of their apartment and crept around as their young tot snoozed just feet away.

The man broke into the flat in Riverdale, Bronx, at around 8.10pm. He walked around the child's room, right past the cot and even turned the light on to get a better look around the bedroom.

An intruder in a child's bedroom in New York.
Facebook/NYPD Crimestoppers

It seemed as though the crook saw the monitor as he looked directly into it, but it's believed that he rushed out of the window after hearing the baby's dad.

According to The New York Post, the parents reported the burglary to police the next day, after spotting him on the baby monitor footage.

Featured Image Credit: ABC/KAKE

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