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Coldplay Fans Left Confused By Emoji Song Titles On Upcoming Album

Coldplay Fans Left Confused By Emoji Song Titles On Upcoming Album

it's certainly an unusual approach to use emojis rather than actual words

Anish Vij

Anish Vij

Coldplay announced the impending release of their ninth album yesterday (20 July), but their audience has been left confused by the bands unorthodox approach to song titles.

Basically, fans are having a hard time understanding why five out of the 12 songs on the new album have emojis as titles.

The band (made up of Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion) will release their new LP Music of the Spheres on 15 October.

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The album's tracklist has already been announced, and it reads as follows:

1. '[Ringed Planet Emoji]'
2. 'Higher Power'
3. 'Humankind'
4. '[Sparkle emoji]'
5. 'Let Somebody Go'
6. '[Heart emoji]'
7. 'People of the Pride'
8. 'Biutyful'
9. '[Earth emoji]'
10. 'My Universe'
11. '[Infinity emoji]'
12 'Coloratura'

Understandably, many fans took to Twitter to express their confusion about the emoji song titles.

One user said: "Why Coldplay got emojis on their tracks as song names, what am I supposed to call them?"

Another felt responsible, claiming: "Yesterday I was thinking 'wow Coldplay hasn't put anything out in a while' and today they announce an album with a bunch of emojis on the cover this is rlly my fault isn't it."

Meanwhile, a third person pointed out that the emojis may not appear on certain platforms, writing: "Some of the track names on Coldplay's new album are just emoji - can't wait to see them display as □ on some streaming services/devices."

Announcing the record, the group published two posts on their official social media accounts, including a trailer and a handwritten note.


The trailer consists of blue and purple themed sci-fi artwork, with a few short clips of what you'd presume to be some of the forthcoming album's songs.

Meanwhile, the handwritten note was more of a personal shout-out to the Coldplay fanbase.

"Hello everyone. We hope you're doing really well," the post read.

"We have a new album called Music of the Spheres (Vol. i) coming out on Friday 15th October, 2021. It was produced by Max Martin.

"There is a trailer for the album called 'Overtura' which you can watch or listen to now if you like, then Friday an album track called 'Coloratura'.

"Our next single will come in September, Thank you for listening, or coming to our shows, or any way we have met through music."

The note added: "Everyone is an alien somewhere."

The lead singer of the famous band, Chris Martin, recently said that the new artwork was inspired by Star Wars. After watching the movie series, he had found himself wondering what music would sound like on other planets.

Speaking on The Zach Sang Show, he said: "One time I was watching Star Wars and they had the scene with the Cantina band, right?

"And I was like, 'I wonder what musicians are like across the universe?' and that led to this whole thing and now here we are.

Chris also confirmed that the whole album will be purely based on the idea of a living on a fictional planet, adding: 'It's a very freeing thing to take yourself out of Coldplay and just think, 'OK, I'm not even human, what does music sound like?'"

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