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Conor McGregor Throws 'Worst First Pitch In History Of Baseball'

Conor McGregor Throws 'Worst First Pitch In History Of Baseball'

The UFC star didn't quite hit the mark as he took to Wrigley Field

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Conor McGregor shocked fans and commentators with the 'worst first pitch' in history this week.

The UFC star took to Wrigley Field in Chicago ahead of the Cubs' match against the Minnesota Twins last night (21 September) but his baseball skills left a lot to be his desired.

As is tradition, the Notorious, wearing a sharp suit, was invited to throw the first pitch of the MLB game.

But we don't think he'll be getting a call up from any side soon, with the 33-year-old's wild pitch going miles too high and far too wide, completely missing the target.

And while you wouldn't expect him to be an expert pitcher, his truly awful effort left commentators and fans in hysterics.

Writing on Twitter, one user said: "Conor McGregor nearly taking out a fan with this pitch."

Echoing the sentiment, another chimed in: "50 cent has arguably the worst first pitch in MLB history.

"Conor McGregor: 'Hold my beer'."


"This Conor McGregor first pitch might be the worst one ever LOL," put a third.

While another added: "Folks I'm calling this as the worst first pitch in history. It's so much worse than 50 cent, Chris Rock, or Baba Booey because he's a professional athlete."

But in true McGregor fashion, the two-weight champion took it all in his stride and shrugged off any criticism regarding his ability.


Speaking on The Mac Life, he said: "The most devastating first pitch ever seen.

"The venom was there, the power was there, it's a little off accurate-wise but I'm on the one leg.

"You can see me base fully on the left leg that was recently just injured. I'm happy with that, I'll take that on board.

"I don't think there was much power difference between mine and them out there (the players), it's just the accuracy was a little off.

"But I'm happy with it. It was either lob it friendly or aim to take him off his feet.

"And if that was on target we would have had a problem, I'd say."

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