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Aussie Conspiracy Theorist Arrested After Allegedly Ignoring Coronavirus Rules

Aussie Conspiracy Theorist Arrested After Allegedly Ignoring Coronavirus Rules

The Aussie conspiracy theorist who went viral in a clip that showed her driving through a border checkpoint has been arrested after she allegedly tried to flout Melbourne lockdown rules.

Eve Black hit headlines last week when a video of her appeared to show her ignoring the current rules in place as she refused to give her details to a cop.

In the clip, Black ignores the officer's questions and instead says: "Have I disturbed the peace today?"


The officer replies: "No. I just asked what your reason for leaving today is."

Black then attempted to explain to the officer that she isn't required to tell him where she is going because she doesn't know who he is.

When she's questioned further she says several times: "Have I committed a crime?"

Eventually, the police officer waves her through and allows her to proceed without any information.


Sharing the video, Black wrote: "It's a SCAMdemic. You're being taken advantage of by a system designed to fail you. And they've done such a good job, that you don't even see it."

The clip sparked outrage with many calling on Black to be arrested for her actions.

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Now police in Victoria say they have arrested Black while she was in Carlton at around 1.55pm local time.

In a statement to 9News Victoria Police said: "Upon being intercepted, she was asked to provide her name and address which she refused to do.


"Police then directed her to produce her driver's licence and explain her reason for travel, which she also refused to comply with.

"This led to police arresting her. During the arrest, police were forced to break the woman's car window as she refused to speak to them, wind down her window, or step out of the vehicle."

Credit: Facebook/Eve Black
Credit: Facebook/Eve Black

According to the news outlet police had to break Black's car window because she refused to wind it down or step out the vehicle to speak to them.


Black, 28, will be charged with 'traffic offences, failing to produce her licence, failing to provide her name and address and breaches of directives from the Chief Health Officer', the reports.

A Victoria Police spokesperson added: "Police will continue to use the powers available to them under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 to ensure community safety.

"Likewise, they will enforce any offences identified at the time or at a later stage."

Featured Image Credit: Eve Black/Facebook

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