Converse Is Selling 'Dirty' All Stars For £70

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Converse Is Selling 'Dirty' All Stars For £70

Converse is selling a pair of trainers that look dirty, for £70.

The Chuck Taylor All Star Basic Wash has caused quite the stir online, with people frankly outraged that they're asking customers to fork out that kind of money for something they could do for free.

Available in blue or what used to be white, the classic shoe has been given a 'dirt wash treatment' to give it that lived-in feel.

Imagine how filthy they'd be once you'd actually worn them for a while? Christ.


The description reads: "Classic Chuck features get an aged makeover in the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Smoke Low Top sneaker. Skip the break-in period.

"A dirty wash treatment gives these classic Chucks a vintage look, straight out of the box."

But not everyone was so impressed with the design.


Sharing a screengrab from the website, one person wrote on Twitter: "Look at these converse that are designed to look dirty and cost £70.

"The worst part is that they are actually about double the amount of dirty you'd ever want ur converse to be.

"Something unbearable about the idea of eventually going to clean these and knowing that there is a layer of painted on artificial dirt that you can never remove."

Commenting on the post, one user said: "Could get them for a 5 in charity shops looking better than that."

The Basic Wash All Star hasn't gone down well with people online. Credit: Converse
The Basic Wash All Star hasn't gone down well with people online. Credit: Converse

To which another sharply replied: "I volunteer in one. Those would've gone straight in the bin as irredeemable, do not even attempt the washing machine."

"Basic wash? This is no wash? Absolute absence of wash," wrote a third.

While another asked: "This... This isn't a parody?!"


But who knows, maybe these can be saved. Probably not, but maybe.

Last year, a woman revealed her trick to restore old trainers to their natural white look.

According to Twitter user Ms Halloween Queen, you're supposed to rinse your shoes in: "Mix 1:1.5 of baking soda and detergent, scrub with toothbrush, let it sit for a while, rinse, put in washer, baby powder and dry."

Some people were blown away from the transformation, with one user writing: "Girl, you could wash away humanity's sins!"


Or you could just buy new shoes that don't look like they've not left your feet in 10 years.

Featured Image Credit: Converse

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