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Aussie Cops Find $300 Million Worth Of Ice Hidden Inside Sriracha Bottles

Aussie Cops Find $300 Million Worth Of Ice Hidden Inside Sriracha Bottles

That'll certainly make your meal saucy.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

People who import drugs have been coming up with tricky ways to get around Customs, Border Patrol and local authorities for decades - whether they try and import the illicit substances into a country hidden inside heavy machinery or even swallowed by traffickers.

But drug smugglers have certainly upped the ante while trying to import ice into Australia.

Cops from New South Wales and the Australian Border Force have caught people trying to get AU$300 million (£160m) worth of methylamphetamine in the country hidden inside Sriracha bottles imported from the US.

The spicy sauce is popular among those who can handle some heat, but I think we can all agree this would be way too much heat.

Ice meets chilli sauce.
New South Wales Police

NSW Police said in a joint statement with the ABF today: "During a subsequent deconstruction it was found to contain 768 bottles of sriracha chilli sauce, with presumptive testing returning a positive indicator for methylamphetamine (ice).

"A preliminary forensic analysis determined the bottles contained about 400kg of methylamphetamine, which has an estimated potential street value of more than $300 million."

NSW Police/Australian Border Force

Authorities noticed the drugs hidden inside the bottles when they arrived in an air freight consignment from America earlier this month.

They ordered a controlled delivery of the package so that they could nab whoever was planning on receiving the drugs.

Officers have since arrested four men, three of which have been charged with attempt to possess a commercial quantity of an unlawful import - border-controlled drug, and large commercial drug supply.

They're staring down the prospect of life behind bars.

The fourth man was arrested outside a home this morning before being taken to Fairfield Police Station where he is expected to be charged.

Featured Image Credit: NSW Police

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