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Cruel Prankster Orders Loads Of Food From Restaurant Then Doesn't Pay

Cruel Prankster Orders Loads Of Food From Restaurant Then Doesn't Pay

This is a real d*** move

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A cruel prankster decided to play a joke on a struggling restaurant in Melbourne by ordering AU $170 (£95) of food before giving over a fake address and refusing to pay for any of it.

The man ordered 21 meals' worth of grub from a restaurant in the Yarra Ranges area of the Victorian city with free delivery and the option to pay up on arrival.

However, because he'd given them a dodgy address, he obviously never intended to pay up on arrival of the food.

Now, it's never a good idea to do that sort of thing, but especially as Victoria has been one of the worst hit states of Australia due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It's just really mean-spirited.

In text messages that were shared with the driver, the man responded with a thumbs up when he was told that his food was on the way to him.

Except it wasn't on the way to him at all. It was on the way to a bogus address.


When the unfortunate delivery driver arrived at the address, he texted: "Address you provided is not correct."

The prankster - if you can even call them that - responded: "I know. F***heads."

The restaurant later sent a message that read: "Thank you for letting a small local struggling business down by doing these kind of inhuman jokes. Blessings."

At this point, the man became angry and aggressive, writing: "You stupid c***. No one wanna buy your s***. I have a housewife so I don't need your f***ing food."

Screenshots of the unedifying incident were later shared on Reddit, where loads of people have commented expressing their support for the restaurant and disdain for the fake customer.

One person commented: "Irked me that he didn't say he had a wife, but a housewife, like that's her whole identity. Feel sorry for her."


Another person said: "I don't think people quite understand what a prank is vs just being an a**hole."

A third person simply wrote: "Wtf. Makes my blood boil."

Yep, it's an incredibly cruel trick to play, especially when restaurants and hospitality businesses around the globe have been struggling so much throughout this whole horrible pandemic.

If you're considering pulling a stunt like this, have a second think about it and decide not to be an absolute w***er.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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