Anti-Vaxxers Have Rebranded Themselves To Make Vaccines An Issue Of Civil Rights
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Customer Leaves Huge Tip For Bar Staff Out Of Work Due To Coronavirus

Customer Leaves Huge Tip For Bar Staff Out Of Work Due To Coronavirus

With the latest coronavirus advice now largely focused on social distancing, restaurants and bars are some of the hardest hit businesses - and their staff are facing very uncertain times.

But one very generous diner made life much easier for the workers at one restaurant that has been forced to close its doors to try to halt the spread of the virus.

With gatherings of more than ten people currently not recommended in the US, Coaches Bar and Grill in Columbus, Ohio, closed indefinitely on Sunday - but one kind customer left a $2,500 (£2,100) tip on their bill, which itself came to less than $30 (£25).


The tipper wanted to stay anonymous, but left a note on the bill, naming who they wanted the funds to be split between.

It read: "Please split this tab equally between Tara, Nicky, Jim, Liz and Arrun. The tip amount is $2500.00."

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Speaking to WCMH, Benny Leonard, one of the restaurant's employees, said: "It brought some of them to tears. They are going to split it 13 ways and it's going to help them. We are a family and we will get through it together.

"[There were] tears, tears of joy. An unbelievable act of kindness on a pretty weird day.


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"We've got unprecedented times going on, we've got people fighting over toilet paper and so on and so forth, and to have a guy show up and care enough about people that give him a beer and a hamburger once in a while, that means a lot. It's humanity at its best."

The restaurant also tweeted:

Ohio is among the US states to have taken the decision to close bars and restaurants in order to stop the spread of Covid-19, with public spaces in California, Massachusetts and others all doing the same.

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