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Dad Accidentally Incinerates Elf On The Shelf In The Oven

Dad Accidentally Incinerates Elf On The Shelf In The Oven

Chelsea hadn't told her husband where she had put the toys

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

When you're taking part in the whole Elf on the Shelf thing, it's probably a good idea to keep your partner abreast of the situation - otherwise things can go south very quickly.

This is something Chelsea Hightower, from Kansas, found out the hard way when her husband accidentally cremated a family of elves in their oven.

The mum had placed the toys in the oven to take some cute photos of them, joking that the trio needed to warm up after having been in the fridge.

But unaware that they had been moved, husband Matt switched on the oven while Chelsea was out at the shops, and burned them to a crisp.

After what you'd imagine was a pretty grim smell, Matt called Chelsea to tell her the bad news.

She then shared a few before and after pictures to her Facebook page to show the extent of the damage.

Matt turned on the oven, unaware that the elves were hiding inside.
Facebook/Chelsea Hightower

Joking that they had to be taken to the 'elfspital', Chelsea said: "Thank you everyone for the concerns of our elves Jingle, Belle, Magic!

"Yesterday what started out as just warming themselves up in the oven after a day in the fridge and things got more toasty than planned when this momma stepped out briefly to roam the aisles of Target solo in hopes to finish up Christmas Shopping....

"It wasn't long into my outing where I received 'the call' from Matt unaware of what I would hear next......

"'Babe I feel horrible (insert long awkward pause) I cooked the elves'.

"Matt feels horrible but thankfully the Elfspital got them in quickly & they are expected to make a full recovery after several hours of (shopping the whole KC area) reconstruction & rest!

"To whomever this may help in this elf season BAKE COOKIES NOT ELVES!"

She later added: "Parent lesson #48,573,728,485: don't forget the elves were in the oven!!"

Chelsea joked that the toys had to go to the elfspital.
Facebook/Chelsea Hightower

Safe to say, people who partake in the Elf on the Shelf hype tend not to mess about.

But one mum went above and beyond with her Elf on the Shelf prank, completely covering her bathroom - toilet included - in wrapping paper.

Rosie Scudder, 27, wanted to spread a bit of Christmas magic in her home for her sons Harry, six, and Max, three, so got an Elf on the Shelf doll.

Rosie and her husband Sam painstakingly covered the entire bathroom in red wrapping paper on Sunday night when the kids were in bed and then blamed it Buddy the elf.

Mercury News and Media

Rosie said: "They thought it was amazing. My eldest said, 'Oh wow, Buddy did all this. Buddy's cheeky. How am I going to have a bath?'

"My younger one, Max, was shocked. Seeing his face made it all worthwhile. He was blown away really."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Chelsea Hightower

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