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Dad Takes Over His Daughter's Social Media Accounts To Teach Her A Lesson

Dad Takes Over His Daughter's Social Media Accounts To Teach Her A Lesson

Other parents got in touch to say they planned to do the same thing if their kid stepped out of line

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A teenager has just lived everyone's worst nightmare after her dad took control of her social media accounts to teach her a lesson.

Larry Sumpter, from Texas, the United States, took the drastic action after discovering that his 15-year-old daughter had been sneaking boys into sleepovers.

Larry wasn't messing about when he found out his daughter had been lying.

But he didn't just jump in with such harsh punishment, he let Madelynn decide what he was going to do. He and partner Tawnya gave her two options: one month without her mobile, or just two weeks?

The only catch here was her parents would have free rein over her social media accounts if she chose the second option.

Inevitably, Madelynn opted for two weeks without her phone, and it led to 14 days of hell, with her dad posting selfies to her Instagram account, captioning them with things like 'felt cute, might delete later'.

Larry's social media takeover included TikTok dance routines.
YouTube/Big Family Bigger Fun

He also posted dance videos to her TikTok profile, wearing a crop top and a sailor's hat in different posts.

And it went down a storm with his daughter's pals, who regularly checked into Madelynn's Snapchat account to see what he was up to.

Here's another one.
YouTube/Big Family Bigger Fun

As an added piece of parental punishment, the 43-year-old decided to address the elephant in the room, informing his kid's followers why the hell he was doing what he was doing.

Posting a photo of Madelynn studying in her bedroom, Larry wrote: "This is Maddi. Maddi got herself grounded.

He explained to his daughter's followers why he was doing it.

"She had a choice of no phone for a month or no phone for 2 weeks and we have FULL control of her social media.

"She chose 2 weeks. So be on the look out for some amazing instagram posts, snap chats and Tiktoks from her parents!!"

And since that moment, people were hooked.

Larry rocking a crop top on his daughter's TikTok.
YouTuber/Big Family Bigger Fun

Larry gained an army of fans on social media, with other mums and dads inspired by his no nonsense parenting, vowing to do the same thing should their children step out of line.

One person said: "Let me tell you sir, you are a genius. Love the idea."

People loved his posts, with parents getting in touch to say they would be doing the same.

Another replied: "I love your dad, all the way from the Netherlands!! He needs an Instagram account of his own!"

Speaking to Today about it all, mum Tawnya said Madelynn almost backed out at the start. Surprisingly.

She said: "After the first day, Madelynn was like 'I changed my mind, I choose the one month'.

"Larry told her, 'No, I'm too invested. I have too many ideas. We're sticking with the two weeks'.

"He's loving it. I think he's gonna make his own TikTok account when this is over."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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