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Dashcam Captures Horrifying Moment Highway Sign Falls Onto Car

Dashcam Captures Horrifying Moment Highway Sign Falls Onto Car

If you've ever watched the Final Destination movie series and thought 'hmm that seems to be a pretty outrageous and unlikely way to die' then spare a thought for the person driving this car (FYI she didn't die).


This is the incredible footage captured on a dashcam on the Tullamarine Freeway in Victoria, Australia, where a massive bloody highway sign became dislodged and fell straight onto the four-wheel drive below.

According to 9 News Melbourne, the 53-year-old driver didn't suffer any serious injuries but you can probably bet that her heart took an absolute beating of adrenaline.

She was taken to hospital as a precaution but is expected to be discharged today.

While it obviously would be an incredibly stressful and frightening experience for the individual, people on social media have taken a mildly humorous route.


Police don't think it was wind that knocked the sign off and are looking into the dashcam footage to see if it can provide any information on how the incident occurred. They'll also inspect other signs in the area to ensure none of them are loose.

Graeme Chambers from Major Road Projects Victoria told the ABC: "We are taking it very seriously and I can assure you we're doing a very thorough investigation to understand why this happened.

"We're working in collaboration with Transurban and with VicRoads."

He added to radio station 3AW: "It [will be] all subject to detailed and thorough investigation. It is an extremely rare situation... it was of immediate concern.

"We last night mobilised our engineers as soon as we learnt of the incident."

It's a close call that was echoed by a small boy last year when he was run over by a car but miraculously came out the other side unscathed.

The boy was playing football in the streets with friends when the incident took place in Goregaon in Mumbai, on 24 September.

The car can be seen slowly reversing out of its parking spot as the children play behind, but the driver appears not to have noticed the crouching child in front of the vehicle. The car then pulls away and hits the boy who attempts to scrabble himself away momentarily, before the vehicle drives over the top of him and out of shot.

As the boy disappears under the car, it is hard not to fear the worst for the child, but unbelievably, the child immediately gets back to his feet and rejoins his friends, seemingly unscathed.

That said, the footage stops with the child still running, so there is a chance he ran all the way home in tears, rather than getting straight back into the game.

Featured Image Credit: 9 News Melbourne

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