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Deliveroo's April Fool's Joke Backfires After Customers Sent £400 Bill Email

Deliveroo's April Fool's Joke Backfires After Customers Sent £400 Bill Email

Some threatened to boycott the app

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

An April Fool's Day prank has gone spectacularly wrong for Deliveroo with some customers vowing to boycott the service over a fake bill for €450 (£380).

The food delivery service scored a massive own goal when it sent out the joke email on 1 April to its customers in France, which caused thousands of panicked customers to think their accounts had been hacked.


Many took to social media to express their anger over the ill-thought-out email, with some contacting their banks to protect their bank accounts.

One person wrote: "I invite all the victims of the very bad 'April Fools' from @Deliveroo_FR to unsubscribe from their platform. The joke is in very bad taste."

But on Thursday, Deliveroo confirmed via Twitter and email that the email was just a joke.

The notice read: "We confirm that it was an April Fool's joke. You can enjoy the evening by ordering the pizza of your choice."

People weren't happy though, with one saying he had almost 'had a stroke' after getting the bill, which came to €466 for 38 pizzas.

LADbible has contacted Deliveroo for further comment.

And although April Fool's Day pranks are dead and do not belong in this century, people managed to let themselves fall for Ant and Dec's joke.

The comedy duo caught fans off guard on 1 April, having told people they'll now be 'officially known as Dec & Ant' in a move that's fairer on 'the little guy'.

Many people feared for the worst as they opened their social feeds to find 'big news' from the serial pranksters, with a post reading: "Some big news for you guys.

"After 30 long years together we've decided a change is needed, and so without further ado, we can announce we'll now be officially known as Dec & Ant. It's only fair on the little guy."

An accompanying statement from Dec said: "I'm over the moon, we agreed back in the Byker days that he'd take the first 30 years and I'd take the rest.

"It's really the only reason I've been hanging around with him for this long."

Featured Image Credit: PA