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'Disgusting' List Goes Viral On How To Stalk, Check Out And Pick Up Women In Melbourne

'Disgusting' List Goes Viral On How To Stalk, Check Out And Pick Up Women In Melbourne

"I’ve never felt more unsafe in my own city, seeing this has just upset me more."

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

As Melbourne comes to grips with another woman being murdered on its streets, it's not hard to imagine people feeling a little unsafe in the southern city.

Courtney Herron, 25, was bashed to death in Parkville on Saturday night, the fourth woman to be killed in the streets this year.

Courtney Herron was killed in Melbourne this week.

But now women have all the more reason to be nervous after a forum post was uncovered that detailed how people could prey upon others in public places.

It describes Melbourne's CBD as a 'high turnover rate of solo girls 5/10 and above'. The creepy list gives advice on how to avoid detection from security guards or police and explains some of the best places to stalk, check out or pick up women.

It also explains the best methods on approaching 'target's as the forum calls women, as well as the types of women that walk around the areas, being very specific about the age and race demographics.

We've chosen not to include details of the list.

The guide says: "[These areas are good] because of the consistent high turnover rate (and hence quantity) of solo girls 5/10 and above, and the logistical set-up making it very easy/natural to open/approach girls.

"We know game is a numbers game and hence these venues allow you to approach a large quantity of girls in a short amount of time. I have included other venues for the sake of variety and in the event that these venues become saturated with men (wink)."

People in the forum commented about the 'jailbait' that attend one venue and said women 'crave security and ease'.

One person warned: "But don't be that weird c**t who cold approaches 10X in a row in the one area in the space of half an hour.

"Not only will you get blown out by the women, you'll also get blown out by venue operators, the public and generally create a bad situation for future forum members who might be hitting up the same spots."

Unsurprisingly, the list has sparked concern from women across Melbourne that public places are now being filled with creepy men.

"I want to throw up and cry at the same time," wrote one person.

Another added: "I used to scoff at my mum when she used to tell me 'don't catch the train at night' or 'don't walk to your car alone'. I've never felt more unsafe in my own city, seeing this has just upset me more. Being talked about as 'sets' and objects. This is where it starts."

The list has been referred to police and a few of the places mentioned in the list said it would pass on the information to security guards to sniff out the behaviour.

Featured Image Credit: Gracchus250/Creative Commons

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