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Doorbell Camera Captures Moment Plane Crashes, Killing Three People

Doorbell Camera Captures Moment Plane Crashes, Killing Three People

A woman and young boy were in the car that was struck by the plane

A doorbell camera caught the terrifying moment a plane crashed, killing three people and leaving one injured.

The plane, which had two passengers on board. struck a moving car near North Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines, Florida, on Monday (15 March).

According to Pembroke Pines Fire Rescue, both of the plane's passengers were pronounced dead at the scene.

A woman and young boy were travelling in the car when it was hit. Both were rushed to Memorial Regional Hospital, however, it was later confirmed the boy died as a result of his injuries later that evening.

Federal Aviation Administration investigators said the plane had been forced to turn back shortly after take off and that an investigation into the cause of the crash is underway.


In footage that has been shared online, the Beechcraft Bonanza plane is seen hurtling towards the middle of a road, hitting the oncoming vehicle after reportedly clipping some power lines.

Salah Elshaer, who called 911, told WSVN that it was a desperately sad incident.

She said: "I've never seen anything like this in my life.

"The car literally looks like it's just in half. I was thinking about the pilot's family. It's so sad, and I saw the people over there. They were hurt, and it's shocking."

Another resident told local media that she had arrived home from work just minutes before the crash, and her children were playing in their front garden when it happened.

Annabel Fernandez said: "We heard like a bomb, like a tremendous noise, and we went outside, and everything was on fire.

"Everything was bad, and you know, it got to a car. The plane could have, you know, got us all, and I'm very- we're in shock."


The site of the crash is close to a nearby airport, and residents have shared their concern, claiming incidents such as this have become increasingly common.

According to reports, there have been five crashes around the airport in the past 10 months, four of which have proven fatal, with five people having lost their lives.

Luis Alvarez, who has been a resident in the neighborhood for over 20 years, said it was worrying.

Mr Alvarez said: "It's a little bit uneasy. You got grandkids in the house. You're at work. Your daughter calls you. She's crying, hysterical. I thought something happened, and it was pretty devastating."

He added: "It's a concern now. After this year, there's been a lot of plane crashes. It's pretty devastating, especially what happened to those people out there. It's pretty sad."

The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the crash.

Featured Image Credit: Ring/NBC

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