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Dr Karan Answers Whether Society Will Continue To Wear Face Masks After Pandemic

Dr Karan Answers Whether Society Will Continue To Wear Face Masks After Pandemic

​Listen, we all know how important face masks are right now - but will we have to wear them past the pandemic?



Listen, we all know how important face masks are right now - but will we have to wear them past the pandemic?

Yes, is the answer, according to Dr Karan Raj. As he says: "Are we going to wear masks forever?" to wish he answers: "Yep."

He adds: "What I mean is that masks are going to become a part of our cultural normal much like they are in parts of east Asia."

With the pandemic changing a lot of things, there will be a lot of people who will make a personal decision to say, "You know what, I'm in a crowded place, I'm on public transport...

"I'm going to put a face covering on... face masks will still be used in public when people don't feel well."

So there you have it - we're going to be wearing these bad boys for a long old time.

TikTok/Dr Karan Raj

Speaking of Dr Raj, he has become a bit of a hit since launching his TikTok channel, recently informing his followers why it's so important to wear socks when they go to sleep.

And in his latest video, Dr Raj has explained the reality behind our sweaty bedsheets. Yikes.

He says: "Stop making your bed first thing in the morning, it's going to make you healthy.

"Making your bed in the morning traps dust mites that have accumulated over night. These microscopic predators, which are less than a millimetre long, feed on the scales of human skin and thrive in moist environments.

TikTok/Dr Karan Raj

"When we sleep at night, our bodies become warm and sweaty, making them prime targets for these mites to feed on.

"They will leave behind excretions which can give us asthma or allergy-like symptoms.

"So making your bed in the morning traps all this moisture and provides a home for 1.5 million of these bad boys."

Adding: "Instead leave your bed messy just for a while. It exposes these mites to air and sunlight, which dehydrate them and causes them to die."

Dr Karan Raj, who has amassed quite a following with his bitesize pieces of medical wisdom, explained: "You need to start sleeping with your socks on, and here's why.

TikTok/Dr Karan Raj

"Wearing socks to bed increases the blood circulation to your feet this causes your blood vessels to vasodilate - they widen.

"When the blood vessels widen they can get rid of heat much quicker because of the much bigger surface areas.

"This allows your core body temperature to cool down at a faster rate than normal, and a lower core body temperature is needed for optimal sleep.

"If you want better feet, cover your feet."

Righto, there you have it. Who is taking their socks to bed this evening, then?

TikTok/Dr Karan Raj

It's not just Dr Karan who reckons that wearing socks when you try to go to sleep is a good thing, either.

The National Sleep Foundation - the American one, at least - reckon that having cold feet in bed is not great for drifting off, too.

We can all get behind that, surely. No-one wants to lie in bed with freezing toes, there's no chance of a good night that way.

However, they have offered some other tips to get yourself a decent night of sleep without having to endure the ignominy of wearing nothing but your socks - if that is how you choose to sleep.

You could get yourself a hot water bottle and stick it at the end of the bed, or you could wrap extra blankets and duvet around the bottom part of the bed to make sure your toes are toasty throughout the night.

Or, you could buy some ridiculously extra footwear to wear in bed, like something made from cashmere or similar material rather than just wearing the same old socks you've had on all day.

TikTok/Dr Karan Raj

Oh, and if you're really interested, there are other benefits to keeping your feet warm at night, including stopping hot flushes, improving cracks in the heels by stopping feet drying out, and - believe it or not - increasing potential for orgasms amongst women.

Seriously, there's scientific evidence that backs it up.

Socks at night it is, then.

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