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'Dragon Girl' Tells Fans Not To Deal Drugs As She Faces Jail

'Dragon Girl' Tells Fans Not To Deal Drugs As She Faces Jail

The 25-year-old Instagram and OnlyFans creator warned her fans against making the same mistakes as her

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

An almost entirely tattooed Instagram model known as 'Dragon Girl' has warned her fans against taking drugs after getting caught shifting a load of marijuana.

Amber Breanna Luke, 25, pleaded guilty to seven drug charges and had her bail extended at Brisbane District Court after she was arrested following a police raid on her house in 2019.

When the police went to her home, they discovered an amount of cannabis, for which she was then arrested.

She was expecting to be sentenced for the offences including trafficking, possession and supply of dangerous drugs, but her lawyers asked the court for an extension while they submit further documents.


Now, Luke - who also has an OnlyFans account - told her 56,000 followers about her ordeal.

She told how her home was raided by the police following a tip-off she had drugs.

She explained: "They found a lot of cannabis."

Luke claimed she knows who provided that information to the coppers, but didn't want to publicly shame them and said she knows there are limitations on what she can say given the active court proceedings.

She added: "But don't deal drugs, kids. It's not going to end in a good time."


Sound advice. At least it seems as if she's learned something from her recent experiences.

In the court, prosecutors have argued that Luke - who uses the moniker 'Blue Eyes White Dragon' online - should receive a custodial sentence for her 'very significant and serious' trafficking offence.

However, her defence team have argued against jail time, and the judge has extended her bail because she's turned up to every one of her court appearances to date and followed conditions.

As well as the court appearances, she's also had to give regular urine samples to prove she's not taking drugs, and reports to the police three times each week.

She continued: "There goes any sort of job I could've got until I go back to court."


Her defence also argued that an existing mental health report failed to 'properly' address Luke's mental state, which they claim includes long-standing psychological issues and hospitalisation for schizophrenia.

Luke is set to appear in court again on February 17, when she will be sentenced, but her job as an OnlyFans creator - she claims to be in the top 0.7 percent of creators on the site - will presumably still be there if she avoids jail.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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