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Duvet Day? This Giant 12 Foot Bed Can Fit A Whole Family In It

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

Duvet Day? This Giant 12 Foot Bed Can Fit A Whole Family In It

Beds are great. They will ALWAYS be there for you after a long day. They're comfy AF. They enable you to be horizontal for multiple hours. And the best thing? Those days where you just accept that you're gonna achieve bugger all, and instead just curl up under the duvet and binge on Netflix series with your arm in a bag of Doritos. Yeah, bed's ace.

Now duvet days can be even better, with the introduction of an absolutely massive bed - the Jason Momoa of beds, if you will. As beds go, it's stacked.


Made by The Ace Collection, the 'Ace Family' bed is 12ft (3.6m) wide and 6.6ft (2m) tall. Of course, with such a huge bed also comes a pretty hefty price tag, with the mattress alone costing $2,750 (£2,040).

Credit: The Ace Collection

The bed's designed for families who want to co-sleep - y'know, cosy up together and not spend a moment apart - which is sometimes seen as controversial due to fears that it isn't safe for babies. However, if the idea of sharing a bed with your entire family puts the fear of God in you, we reckon it'd also just make a pretty solid option for one.


Just think of the bed picnics you could have - an actual entire takeaway could be laid out around you, without you getting chilli sauce all over your knee. And don't even get us started on bed forts... just think of those possibilities.

And as you'd imagine, the internet is smitten.

"We need the Ace Family! Omg all the pillows we can get," writes Sylma on Facebook.

A very enthusiastic Andi comments: "I NEED THIS SIZE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (That's 17 exclamation marks, by the way.)


Meanwhile, Destiney Hickman says: "When baby gets here we need an ace size bed. We took up the whole king size by ourselves lmao."

It's not all domestic bliss, however - the image of the bed prompted many to call out their partners on their bed-hogging habits, with Facebook user Kaeli tagging her other half and saying: "We need the biggest one, yet you'll still probably find a way to sleep on my side."


Nay also tagged her partner and wrote: "We need an Ace with your wriggly legs!"

Ashley took it one step further, and noted that it's not just people with kids that could benefit from the Ace Family, saying: "Now the dogs can really sleep with us!"

But Steve pointed out that it wouldn't quite solve all problems - if you're tall, that is.

"And they're all still standard length," he wrote. "Being tall sucks!!"

Featured Image Credit: The Ace Collection

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Jess Hardiman
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