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DVLA Plans Could See Drivers Over 70 Face Night Curfews And Distance Limits

Tom Wood

| Last updated 

DVLA Plans Could See Drivers Over 70 Face Night Curfews And Distance Limits

Featured Image Credit: PA

Drivers over the age of 70 with certain medical conditions could see the times that they are allowed to drive and how far they can travel limited under new proposals from the DVLA.

People who suffer with those medical conditions could be subject to night-time driving curfews as well as the restrictions on distance, according to reports in The Sunday Times.

These ideas were discussed between the DVLA and drivers' charity Driving Mobility and could be brought into place for people suffering with conditions such as insulin-treated diabetes, epilepsy, dementia, and Parkinson's disease.

Those affected would have trackers fitted into their vehicles that would restrict the times at which they could drive or how far they can go.

However, far from being a restriction to these people, it could actually allow them more freedom, as they would otherwise have their licences taken away.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Under the current system, motorists must renew their licences at the DVLA when they reach the age of 70, as well as declaring any medical conditions or illnesses that they might have that could affect their ability to drive.

People with such conditions can have their licence renewal denied and therefore be unable to drive, whereas instead of that they could just face certain restrictions.

If passed, it would actually grant greater freedom to those who suffer with illnesses that could make night-time driving or driving over long distances more dangerous or difficult.

On top of that, much like people who have black boxes fitted to their cars, the braking, acceleration, and cornering measured by the devices, and monitored by the authorities if they are showing worrying driving behaviour.

The chief executive of Driving Mobility, Edward Trewhella, said: "A lot of older drivers stick within their own locality - they go to the shop, the doctor's surgery, go and see a granddaughter down the road, probably on minor roads with which they are familiar.

He said that the new proposed measures would 'regularise that, and make it legal for them to do so as long as they didn't take a trip outside of an area or outside of a time restriction.

Trewhella added: "That would mean that they were driving safely within their familiar environment."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

The number of over-70s with driving licences has doubled in the past 25 years, but concerns around driving issues remain.

The data analysed by The Sunday Times showed that over-70s are more likely to be involved in collisions where causes such as 'driver failed to look properly', 'driver failed to judge other persons' path or speed', 'poor turn or manoeuvre' and 'driver illness or disability, mental or physical' were listed.

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Tom Wood
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