Elon Musk Slashes Price Of Tesla Model S Just For Lols

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Elon Musk Slashes Price Of Tesla Model S Just For Lols

Elon Musk has slashed the price of the Tesla Model S because... Well, just for a laugh, it would seem.

The eccentric Tesla CEO announced on Twitter that he'd be cutting the price of the company's flagship sedan to $69,420 (£53,765) - a combination of numbers that many people may find amusing for a variety of reasons, namely due to a certain sexual position and the global cannabis appreciation day known as 4/20.

Musk tweeted: "The gauntlet has been thrown down! The prophecy will be fulfilled.

"Model S price changes to $69,420 tonight!"


The 'gauntlet' he's throwing down is presumably in response to competitor Lucid recently announcing the price of its luxury electric sedan.

CEO Peter Rawlinson told TechCrunch that the Lucid Air model would be available at a price 'surprisingly lower than $80,000', putting the vehicle in direct competition with the Tesla Model S.

To be more exact, the Lucid Air will cost $77,400 (£59,945) - minus a $7,500 (£5,808) U.S. tax credit, which most buyers qualify for, bringing the price down to $69,900.


But Musk's Tesla reduction is actually the second of this week, having quietly cut $3,000 (£2,323) off the Model S, according to CNET.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

CNET reports that the two currently available variants of the Model S - the Long Range Plus and Performance - were each given a $3,000 reduction, taking their respective prices from $74,990 to $71,990 (£58,079 to £55,755), and from $94,990 to $91,990 (£73,556 to (£71,233).

But after Lucid came along with the new competitive prices, Musk continued the challenge by cutting prices once again.


It'd be nice to think that Musk will carry on with his childish games so that we all end up with an incredibly cheap Tesla... But then he'd lose the references to the 69 position and to 4/20, which of course is no fun.

It looks like you'll just have to find the odd $70k knocking about - or hold out in the hope that Tesla releases a new, more affordable range with whips costing $69 or $4.20.

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