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Ex-Teacher Who Stole From Mum To Survive Earns £1 Million On OnlyFans

Ex-Teacher Who Stole From Mum To Survive Earns £1 Million On OnlyFans

The former alcoholic became a teacher, before joining the adult platform

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A British teacher who became homeless and stole from her mum has made her first million on OnlyFans.

In just 12 months, Eliza Rose Watson, 31, turned her life around, after years of alcohol and drug abuse. She joined the platform at the end of 2019 after she left a teaching job to earn ore money.

She graduated from university with a psychology degree in 2016, when she started modelling. But, enjoying the money, she started partying, dabbling with cocaine to start with.

Jam Press

She started going on benders that would last for days, and between the ages of 23 and 27 her drug use got worse and she nearly lost everything.

The model said she would 'lie, cheat and steal' to fund her habit, shoplifting drink and asking strangers for money.

Eliza told Jam Press: "There were quite a few times I'd get paid before a job and then just not turn up or call in sick and then never speak to them again.

"I had no shame. I thought nothing of brazenly walking up to people and asking them for 20p - telling them I needed to get the bus home or use the payphone.

"Once I was so desperate for a drink I put up a post Facebook about not being able to sleep because there was a spider in my bedroom.

Jam Press

"A random guy asked how he could help and I said I needed a drink to get me to sleep. I ended up walking round to this bloke's house at 2am for half a bottle of gin.

"He probably thought he was going to get a date out of it but I just listened to him rant on about politics."

It got to the point where she would ask her mum for money for food or taxis, but actually spend it on her addictions.

She fell out with her family and became homeless, sleeping at friends' houses or on sofas of men.

Eliza said: "Any money I could get went on getting alcohol or cocaine.

"When I first started modelling and going out I liked drinking cocktails, but by the end I was necking neat vodka and whisky."

Jam Press

Everything changed when a friend of a friend invited her to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Eliza Rose said: "She turned up at my door one day and I was so tired that I went with her.

"I was at the end of being able to cope. I'd made several attempts at suicide by then, spending time in hospital and police custody.

"I knew I couldn't go on."

She ended up staying on track and got a job as a teacher for children aged two to four, soon realising that she wanted to help people, and got into child psychology.

She said: "Children are such sponges at that age.

"I loved watching them develop their social skills and seeing their confidence grow.

"The job was perfect but I wasn't making enough money.

"I wanted to be able to pay my mum back the cash I'd stolen from her and others, and be able to stand on my own two feet."

But she wanted more money, and in December 2019 she launched her OnlyFans page.

By February 2020, Eliza Rose made £2,000 in one month and when the pandemic hit in March, she turned over £100,000 by increasing the time she spent chatting to fans on the site - working around 16 hours a day.

She now also posts on her Instagram account (@elizarosewatson), where she has 928,000 followers in total.

The model, who has since left her teaching job, credits the site for keeping her 'sane' during lockdown and encouraging her to stay fit and healthy, as well as staying off the booze and drugs.

Eliza Rose said: "I think everyone's mental health took a bashing during lockdown but having OnlyFans to focus on and work at kept me sane and sober.

"I've always been slim but since recovering from addiction I love keeping fit and healthy.

"I exercise six days a week and eat healthily, I want my body to be strong.

Jam Press

"And it wasn't just wanting to stay fit to earn money from the site, I love being able to talk to my fans.

"I have about 10 to 15 regulars who I chat with every day. Despite what many people think about OnlyFans it's not all sexy talk.

"We talk about everything, such as their families and children.

"My psychology degree definitely comes in handy."

Speaking about her new career, she added: "Most of all, I love that I can be there for my friends and family now.

"I was flaky for so many years while I was an addict, always cancelling plans and letting people down.

"Now if my family or my mum need me, I can be there for them.

"OnlyFans enables me to have that flexible life and the high I get from exercising is better than any drug or drink."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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