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Extinction Rebellion Activist Delays Flight By Two Hours

Extinction Rebellion Activist Delays Flight By Two Hours

An Extinction Rebellion activist has been taken off a flight after refusing to take his seat just before take off. See footage of the incident below:


The Aer Lingus plane, which was waiting to take off from London City Airport, was delayed for nearly two hours as the activist wouldn't sit down.

Climate change campaigners are attempting to shut down the airport for three days as part of a wider network of planned protests that are currently taking place all over the world.

Footage captured in the cabin shows the protester apologising to annoyed passengers, but still refusing to take his seat.

The flight attendant repeatedly asks him to sit before he begins to speak about the issue of climate change.

One passenger can be heard asking him: "How long are you gonna be, mate?"


After others tell him to get off the plane, the man then replies: "I don't wish to travel with you but I don't wish to get off."

He adds: "I'm very sorry. I'm extremely sorry for the inconvenience."

Another passenger threatens: "Well, you'll be thrown off by me."

The middle-aged man, wearing a long coat and glasses, is holding a phone up in the air.

When he's told once more to sit down, he replies: "I wish I could. Today there's a protest at this airport..."

The passenger who looks like he's filming cuts in: "Sorry, can you do us all a favour and remove him from the plane?"

Another passenger shouts: "Sit down and do it, we need to move."

Again apologising, the man gives the passengers a quick explanation of why he's staging the protest, saying: "I'm extremely sorry to disturb everybody here. We have two generations of human civilisation left if we carry on doing what we're doing."

Speaking to PA, Andy Millward, who filmed footage of the incident, said: "We were disembarked but now being loaded back on."

Pictures show police eventually boarding and escorting the man from the plane.

In a statement, Aer Lingus said: "Aer Lingus can confirm that a passenger scheduled to travel on EI283 flight from London City to Dublin airport was removed from the flight due to disruptive behaviour on board."

The current wave of protests are on their fourth day, with activists calling for urgent action on climate change.

Featured Image Credit: Wazzas/Twitter

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