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Family Of Man Who Died After A Beer Pong Game Awarded Nearly $16m

Family Of Man Who Died After A Beer Pong Game Awarded Nearly $16m

Salomon Martinez was playing a harmless game of beer pong with his mates in 2013 - but when he was accused of cheating, things went sour...



The family of an American man who died after a fight erupted over a game of beer-pong has been awarded nearly $16 million (£12 million). Salomon Martinez, 24, fell from a fourth storey window in Stratford, Connecticut, moments after players in the game accused him of cheating.

Two men have been sentenced to jail terms, but a woman fled the state after the incident - which took place in 2013 - and is thought to be living in Florida.

Beer Pong
Beer Pong

Credit: Epauwels/Creative Commons

Kyle Gonzalez and Matthew Chandler, both 23 when sentenced, plead guilty to first-degree manslaughter and conspiracy to commit first-degree assault. Gonzalez was held to be more responsible and is serving 15 years to Chandler's 10, according to CTPost. Authorities have still been unable to find Stephanie Dwyer - the woman accused of fleeing the state.

The events unfolded on 13 January 2013 after everyone agreed to the $10 wager. However, a fight ensued, bottles were thrown and a fish tank was smashed, all because they accused Salomon of cheating.

As the altercation got more heated, Martinez fled upstairs and locked himself in a child's bedroom, but Gonzalez broke down the door. One of the men was allegedly brandishing a knife. It is not known how, but in the ensuing fracas Salomon fell from the building and landed on the street below.

He suffered broken legs, a fractured skull, and organ damage in the fall.

Beer Pong
Beer Pong

Kyle Gonzalez, Matthew Chandler. Credit: Police Handout

Police attended the scene but the partygoers had no knowledge of Martinez's fall. The cops were called back an hour later once the body was discovered.

When Gonzalez was brought from prison to give evidence to the court, he said that even though he broke down the door, Martinez was no longer in the room. However, Salomon's mother, Yolanda Martinez, cried when detailing the heartbreak her son's death has caused not only to her, but to his young family as well.

After a day of deliberation, the jury agreed that his family should be awarded $15.6 million (£11.7 million).

His lawyer, Jeremy Virgil, said: "He was a wonderful son, husband and father who worked hard to support his family. We are happy with the result and glad the jury was able to make these people accountable for their actions."

Despite the money being awarded, it is unclear when the family will actually receive the sum.

Sources: CTPost

Featured Image Credit: Rethcir/Creative Commons

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