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A Female Police Officer Was One Of The Victims Of The Manchester Terror Attack

A Female Police Officer Was One Of The Victims Of The Manchester Terror Attack

BBC News have reported that a female Police Officer was killed in the Manchester terror attack on Monday night.

Twenty-two people were killed after a suicide bomber detonated a device in the foyer of Manchester Arena, towards the end of a concert by Ariana Grande.


A Police Spokesman also confirmed this in a press conference this afternoon. He added that the family have asked for privacy and respect at this time.


The spokesman also said that they are confident that they have identified the bodies of the 22 victims killed on Monday and have spoken to the families of all injured in the attack.

The news follows the deaths, announced this morning, of 29-year-old Martyn Hett from Stockport, Olivia Campbell, 15, and brave auntie Kelly Brewster, 32, who died shielding her niece.

In the wake of the attacks, British authorities have increased the terror level threat from severe to critical, which means that there is a high chance of another act of terrorism in the country.

Soldiers have joined armed police on Britain's streets as the government has heightened security following the horrific terrorist attack in Manchester this week.

Credit: PA

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has told Sky News that 984 soldiers will be on duty by the end of today. A total of 3,800 members of the military, including those on standby, are standing ready should the police need assistance.

The troops, who are armed, will predominately patrol the London area, with soldiers being spotted walking through St Stephen's Entrance in Westminster. They have also taken over the manning of the sentry boxes at Parliament.

Many people rushed to help those injured in the wake of the attacks, including homeless man, Chris Parker. He spoke about the horrific scenes surrounding the Manchester Arena bombing, where he comforted a lost child and later held a dying woman in his arms.

Chris Parker was in the arena foyer when the explosions happened, as tens of thousands of people raced for the venue exits. The 33-year-old says the blasts knocked him to the ground, but instead of running away from the chaos, he ran towards it.

Credit: Go Fund Me

He told the M.E.N: "Everyone was piling out, all happy and everything else. As people were coming out of the glass doors I heard a bang and within a split-second I saw a white flash, then smoke and then I heard screaming."

What Chris saw next, though, is heart-breaking: "I saw a little girl. I wrapped her in one of the merchandise T-shirts and I said, 'Where is your mum and daddy?' She said, 'My dad is at work, my mum is up there.'"

Credit: PA

Mr Parker says after making sure the girl was okay, he found a woman in her 60s struggling with injuries sustained in the blast. Despite his best efforts, however, she died in his arms.

Chris has told the newspaper: "I haven't stopped crying. The most shocking part of it is that it was a kids' concert.

"There were nuts and bolts all over the floor. People had holes in their back. It's the screams I can't get over and the smell... I don't like to say it but it smelled like burning flesh."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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