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​Bodybuilding Influencer Says You Can Still Get In Shape Eating ‘Bad' Food

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

​Bodybuilding Influencer Says You Can Still Get In Shape Eating ‘Bad' Food

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mattdoesfitness

A bodybuilding influencer has argued you can eat unhealthy food and get into shape, saying he believes 'bad' foods are okay 'in moderation'.

Bodybuilders are known for their strict approach to eating, meticulously weighing out certain ingredients to ensure each meal maximises on what they need.

However, fitness influencer Matt Morsia - also known as @mattdoesfitness - thinks people shouldn't necessarily have to avoid foods seen as unhealthy.

Speaking to Joe, Morsia said there are 'two elements' that are important when it comes to nutrition.

Credit: Instagram/@mattdoesfitness
Credit: Instagram/@mattdoesfitness

He said: "Firstly, if you're looking at it purely from a body composition standpoint [ratio of muscle mass to body fat], within reason as long as the protein is high, the other stuff doesn't really matter.

"These 'bad' foods are fine in moderation so long as you regulate your calories."

Explaining how there's also a psychological benefit, Morsia continued: "I love sweets, so if I went without and never ate them, I would eventually cave and eat boxes of them."

Morsia - who recently launched a Strawberry Laces-flavoured Clear Whey Protein with MyProtein - also said he feels wary of the 'superfoods' label, saying 'there's no such thing' in terms of body composition.

He said: "Macros are macros - protein being the most important. But there is no food you can eat that has such a powerful, direct impact on your body composition."

There many be benefits to certain foods - such as to the skin or liver - but Morsia believes the concept of superfoods is dodgy ground.

"That's how people make money," he said.

Credit: Instagram/@mattdoesfitness
Credit: Instagram/@mattdoesfitness

"They prey on people's lack of understanding. There's so many ads, and the fact you see the ads means they must be working on someone.

"This idea that you can 'eat these three foods and lose belly fat' is a lie, it doesn't work."

Strongman competitor Tom Stoltman recently told LADbible how he piled on the calories ahead of this year's World's Strongest Man - saying it wasn't quite as dreamy as it sounds.

Stoltman, who became the first Scot to win the annual World's Strongest Man contest last month, was holed up in a Sacramento hotel before competing, having formed a bubble.

While there, he had to stop training to protect his muscles, and instead chowed down on starchy food - consuming more than five times the recommended daily allowance for an adult male.

Credit: YouTube/Stoltman Brothers
Credit: YouTube/Stoltman Brothers

Stoltman, 27, said: "We could only stay in the hotel so we had our own assistant. They'd go out and get the food for us.

"Eating-wise I was up to 12-13,000 calories a day.

"I was eating a lot of Five Guys, a lot of lasagne, pasta, a lot of cakes, a lot of that kind of starchy food just to get fuelled up and ready for the competition.

"There was a lot of food!"

But while you'd have thought lounging around in a hotel room eating carbs - and being literally unable to work out - would be the ideal set-up, Stoltman admitted it had its downsides.

He said: "Everybody says 'Ah, that's the dream!' but trust me when you go through your second day of just burgers and lasagnes, it's kind of, 'Yeah, give me something different!'"

Stoltman added that in 'normal' times he eats much healthier, although still tends to pack away around 8,000 calories each day.

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Jess Hardiman
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