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Five Taken To Hospital After Being Injured At Spanish Bull Running Event

Five Taken To Hospital After Being Injured At Spanish Bull Running Event

Two of those hurt needed to undergo brain scans

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Five people have been taken to hospital after being injured at this year's Pamplona bull running event, with two needing to undergo brain scans.

The San Fermín festival is a seven-day event that sees thousands of people turn up to take part in the traditional, but controversial, event.

According to The Guardian, no one at the event this year was killed by a bull, but two people banged their heads, two hurt their arms and one person ended up with an injury to their chest.

No one has died at this year's event, unlike in previous years.

In the past people have died during the event, but it doesn't seem to put off the thousands of people who clamber to get involved every year.

The streets of Pamplona, Spain, are sprayed with a special anti-slip spray, but some of the more committed wannabe matadors say that this spoils the 'fun' of the event as it stops the bulls from falling.

Speaking to Euronews, attendee David Huerte said: "You spend a lot of money to come here and risk your life but over the years more importance has been given to the control of the bulls. It's a shame."

Another complained that the run is losing its 'essence'.

Alberto Buitrago told Sky News: "The steers are over-trained. They block off the bulls via an arrow formation and keep the bulls away from the runners. We're losing all the essence of the bull run."

The event has been condemned by animal rights groups who say it is cruel and barbaric.

The half-mile event sees 12 bulls run from a pen to a bullring in the city centre, while members of the public run alongside or in front of them trying to avoid their horns.

At the end of the event, all the bulls are killed.

The event is regularly slammed by animal rights groups, such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), who say the event is cruel and outdated.

PETA campaign manager Jordi Casamitjana told The Guardian that most people who attended the event were not aware that the bulls were killed at the end and blasted the event as 'barbaric'. He also claimed that the event actually puts off tourists, rather than attracts them.

He said: "Most of the protesters are Spanish. The reality is that the majority of Spaniards are against bullfighting. A lot of people don't come to Pamplona in July because of San Fermín and a lot more tourists would come here if they banned it."

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