Pope Francis Appoints First Black American Cardinal
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Bali Bar Launches Bootleg Bunnings Sausage Sizzle To Raise Money For Bushfire Crisis

Bali Bar Launches Bootleg Bunnings Sausage Sizzle To Raise Money For Bushfire Crisis

It seems like everyone in Australia is doing their bit to help the people and animals affected by the bushfire crisis.

It's easy for people overseas to feel a little helpless that they can't help directly.

However, one Aussie-owned bar in Bali, Indonesia has proved that you can still do your bit even though you don't live in the Land Down Under.

Botanica Bar in Seminyak decided to put on a sausage sizzle to help raise funds for the bushfire appeal but put on an Aussie twist.


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Bunnings Is Doing Another Nationwide Sausage Sizzle For Bushfire Relief

published at9 months ago

Instead of firing up the barbie and selling some snags, Botanica Bar chucked on some Bunnings signage around the open flame to attract the many Aussies that would be walking through.

To anyone not familiar with Bunnings Warehouse, this would have looked like any ordinary BBQ, but to an Australian or someone who has tasted their community charity sausage sandos, this would be heavenly.

According to Botanica, they've raised more than $1,200 in just two days from the fundraiser.


They worked for 12 hours each day and all the proceeds from the BBQ will go directly to the Australian Red Cross Fire Relief Fund.

If you're not in Bali and weren't able to donate to the cause, but still want to give to those affected by the bushfire tragedy, click here.

Featured Image Credit: Charmaine June/Facebook

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