Footage Shows Anti-Maskers As They Storm Target Shop In US


Footage Shows Anti-Maskers As They Storm Target Shop In US

A group of anti-maskers were caught storming through a south Florida Target store this week (September 15).


The alleged protestors can be seen running through the shop without masks on shouting 'take it off' to other shoppers.

Some shouted 'we're not going to take it any more' as other people - including children - waved their unused masks in the air.


In case you missed it, the anti-masker movement consists of people who believe wearing a mask during the coronavirus pandemic is against their human rights, with many describing it as a 'violation of their freedom'.

Now that's out of the way, the video of the Target vigilantes made its way to Reddit thanks to poster 'Wildchild0822', who wrote: "WELCOME TO SOUTH FLORIDA #wearyourmask".

Clearly most people aren't in agreement with their protest, as the post has received over 5000 comments from people baffled by the shoppers' bizarre moves.

"I wonder if this is going to be a new trend," wrote one user. "A few years ago, people were uploading tons of 'Target Rebuke' videos where they walked through the store screaming about Jesus and Target's restroom policies.


"I'm willing to bet there's some overlap in demographics."

Credit: Wildchild0822/Reddit
Credit: Wildchild0822/Reddit

"Imagine having such a pathetic life that you just go to a f**king target to do something like this," wrote another, a comment that received the following reply: "The payoff is when they post this s**t to Facebook and get drenched in likes from other losers."

A third commented: "Aaaaand this is the reason my grandma can't go to the goddamn store, and is stuck spending months cooped up at home."


"The U.S. will be dealing with this forever. How are people this stupid? Just... how?" said a fourth.

The mask debate has continued around the world, with protests even being held to demonstrate against the wearing of them.

In July, hundreds of people gathered in Hyde Park, London, to protest against wearing face masks.

Crowds assembled ahead of a planned march, with attendees holding signs decrying the Government's imposition of such safety measures.


The protest in Hype Park was organised by Keep Britain Free, self-described as a 'new movement representing the millions of people who want to think for themselves and take responsibility for their own lives'.

A mission statement on the group's website reads: "This country has a proud history of fighting for freedom. Yet the Government has used lockdown to strip away our liberties.

"Every aspect of our lives is now controlled by draconian rules and regulations. We are told how many friends we can have; whose houses we can visit; where we can travel - even what to think.

"Our children cannot return to school. Businesses remain shut. For months, churches, mosques and temples were simply locked up. Collective acts of worship remain banned."

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