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Footage Shows British Airways Flight Evacuated After Filling With Smoke

Footage Shows British Airways Flight Evacuated After Filling With Smoke

Shocking footage shows a British Airways flight engulfed with smoke, with passengers forced to evacuate using the emergency exit slide.


The plane, which took off from London Heathrow yesterday afternoon, managed to land in Valencia, but it's still not confirmed what has caused the smoke. Witnesses claimed that the plane was still in flight for ten minutes while the cabin was filling up.

Photos and videos have been shared on Twitter showing the extent of the smoke, with passengers commenting that it felt like a horror film.

Sources said that three people were taken to hospital for 'checks' and 10 more were treated for minor friction burns.

One of the passengers on the flight told The Sun: "In the space of ten to 15 seconds it seemed the cabin was completely filled with smoke.

"It smelled of burning and it stuck in your throat. It quickly got to the point where you couldn't see more than three rows in front.


"People were panicking and children were crying.

"There were no oxygen masks and barely any information. It was very frightening."

They continued: "There were lots of families with kids on board. People were shouting, 'What's going on?'

"Nobody was really taking charge of the situation.

"Suddenly the crew sprang into action and they got everyone off down the slides.

"People were crying and looked very shaken up. They told us to get as far away as possible and we ran to a grassy area.

"Then they put us on a bus to the terminal. We have no idea what's happening."

In a statement, British Airways said: "Flight BA422 from Heathrow to Valencia experienced a technical issue on its landing approach into Valencia.

"All our customers were evacuated safely by our crew and met by the airport's emergency services.

"There were 175 customers on board the flight, with six cabin crew and two pilots. Three customers were taken to hospital as a precaution and have since been discharged.

"The safety of our customers and crew is always our highest priority. In addition to our team on site, other British Airways team members have arrived in Valencia to help our customers and our local airport partners with anything they need."

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Twitter/@lucyaabrown

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