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Footage Shows What It Looks Like Inside Hurricane Dorian

Footage Shows What It Looks Like Inside Hurricane Dorian

The storm has wreaked havoc in the Bahamas, destroying thousands of homes

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Incredible footage has been released, showing what it looks like from inside the eye of Hurricane Dorian - take a look below.

An aircraft from the National Oceans and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) flew directly into the centre of the hurricane yesterday to capture the breathtaking film.

Seemingly a world away from the devastation it has caused to countless families, the inside of the storm appears to be perfectly calm, with the sun shining through a spiral of fluffy, white clouds.

Another photograph from US Air Force 'Hurricane Hunters' was also posted on Twitter, showing the exact same scene.

Sharing the snap to his account, Garrett Black wrote: "The eye of #Dorian."

But back down on the ground, the reality is anything but calm.

The storm has wreaked havoc across the Bahamas, destroying thousands of homes, flooding communities, and reportedly claiming a number of lives.

Said to be the second strongest Atlantic hurricane on record - Dorian remains 'extremely dangerous', according to officials, and is moving towards the southeast coast of the United States.

According to reports, local authorities have said they have received a number of reports of deaths with people claiming to have seen bodies.

Speaking about the storm, Darren Henfield, the Bahamian Minister of Foreign Affairs, said: "From all accounts, we have received catastrophic damage. We have reports of casualties. We have reports of bodies being seen. We cannot confirm those reports until we go out and see for ourselves."

Speaking to Eyewitness News, a grandmother said the storm had claimed the life of her eight-year-old grandson.

And as Hurricane Dorian moves west, authorities in the US are taking precautions to protect themselves from the potentially devastating impact.

The clip seems to be a a world away from the devastation the storm has left in its wake.

Earlier today, officials in South Carolina ordered a mandatory evacuation of the state's coast.

Governor Henry McMaster has worked with local officials and made the decision to empty the coast of South Carolina of its residents for their personal safety.

South Carolina ETV lists the zones that must be evacuated no later than noon on 2 September. They are: Colleton County Evacuation Zones A and B, Beaufort County Evacuation Zone A, Jasper County Evacuation Zone A, Charleston County Evacuation Zones A, B and C, Dorchester County Evacuation Zone D, Berkeley County Evacuation Zones B and G, Horry County Evacuation Zone A and Georgetown County Evacuation Zone A.

Evacuation shelter locations will be available on and via the SC Emergency Manager mobile app as soon as they are opened.

The governor advised in a press release that evacuees should pack the following essential items in case the evacuation period is lengthy: required medications, adequate clothing and essential personal items. Residents going to evacuation shelters should bring their own blankets, pillows, cots and special food items if they are on restricted diets.

Featured Image Credit: NOAA

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