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Former EDL Leader Tommy Robinson Filmed Punching 'Migrant' In The Face

Former EDL Leader Tommy Robinson Filmed Punching 'Migrant' In The Face

The EDL founder was in Rome to 'dig deeper' into Italy's spate of 'high profile migrant attacks'

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

Former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson has been filmed punching a 'migrant' in the face and has posted the footage to his YouTube page.

Footage of the incident shows him arguing with another man after Robinson and his crew entered what had been described to them as a 'no-go zone' frequented by migrants near to Rome's central station.

According to the video, the 'migrants' in the area had taken issue with the fact that they were being filmed and tried to stop Robinson and his crew from filming.

YouTube/Tommy Robinson

"Get the fuck away from the camera," Robinson can be heard saying, pushing the man as they argue. "There's only one way this is going to go: you're going to end up knocked down unconscious."

Robinson looks to be walking away until the man starts to gesture back aggressively, prompting Robinson to turn around and punch the guy in the face.

The man quickly drops to the floor before the camera cuts to black, eventually shifting to footage of the warring two groups being separated by police.

YouTube/Tommy Robinson

Speaking to Breitbart London, the UK branch of the far-right media organisation based in the US, Tommy said he was forced to punch the man in order to protect his film crew.

He said: "While I was filming a report in a no go zone a group of migrants tried to attack my camera crew. They were screaming abuse, coming at the camera repeatedly and threatening to kill me.

"I was forced to act to defend my film crew. In this situation the mainstream media would have preferred I let him kill me."

Tommy Robinson/YouTube

The footage was uploaded just days before Robinson posted footage yesterday of him being 'attacked' by masked men outside a McDonald's in north London.

The video showed Robinson and the group of men throwing punches and kicks at each other with Robinson's camerawoman being shown wrestled to the floor of the car park.

The fight was even shown to have spilled over to outside the branch of McDonald's, with Robinson going toe to toe with several of the men before he was sent to the floor, and the men eventually fleeing the scene.

In his video, the founder of the far-right street protest movement - real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon - said he got into the scrap in Rome while aiming to shed light on the country's recent spate of 'high-profile migrant attacks'.

Featured Image Credit: Tommy Robinson/YouTube

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