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Avril Lavigne Shuts Down 'Weird' Fan Theory Which Suggests She's Dead

Avril Lavigne Shuts Down 'Weird' Fan Theory Which Suggests She's Dead

It's a question that's caused sleepless night for millions of people the world over; is noughties pop punk sensation Avril Lavigne actually dead and has she been replaced by a woman called Melissa for the past decade?

No, she's not. I know, it blew my mind as well but apparently the 34-year-old Canadian native is still alive and kicking.


But how do we really know?

Well 'Avril' recently gave an interview to an Australian radio station and when probed about the long-standing rumours of her demise, she laid them to rest.

KISS 1065 presenter Jackie O - not that one, no, she actually is dead - asked the 'Sk8er Boi' singer: "Did you laugh at the rumours that you no longer exist and there's a clone of you?"

Avril came back quickly however, and shut the lies down.

She replied: "Yeah, some people think that I'm not the real me, which is so weird! Like, why would they even think that?"


But then she would say that, wouldn't she?

If I were Melissa - I'm not, but if I were - and I was trying to keep up the ruse that I had taken over the life of a multi-million record selling pop star and people were on to me, then that is exactly what I would say.

And when you actually go back to the original theory, created by a Brazilian fanpage, it begins to make a lot of sense. I know what you're thinking: fanpages aren't generally the most reliable of sources, but with the amount of 'FAKE NEWS' being touted by 'mainstream media' you've got to ask yourself, who can you really trust?

Just free your mind.

The conspiracy goes as far back as 2002 when she had just released her debut album Let Go - which went on to sell more than 18 million records worldwide - but unable to handle the incredible amount of pressure she was put under, Avril began using the services of a body double called Melissa.

Things then began to spiral out of control, so the blog says, and in the run up to the second album the singer fell into depression and was found dead at her home by her record label.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Left with no other option, Melissa was given a permanent contract and became the 'Real Avril'.

I say they had no other option. Sure, they could have just told the truth and admitted she had died. But then they wouldn't have been able to keep the cash cow going, would they?

But since then, so the theory goes, Melissa - who despite being originally employed as a body double was apparently allowed to take over songwriting duties following Avril's death - began leaking details of her predecessor's death via song lyrics.

Last year the foolproof conspiracy resurfaced, shortly before she launched a comeback following two years out of the game with a bout of Lyme disease.

But 'Avril' says it's all bullshit. Ok.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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