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Google Street View Car Appears To Run Over A Hare

Google Street View Car Appears To Run Over A Hare

The photos were taken on a country lane in Poland

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Google Street View is a powerful tool. Capturing seemingly every move we make, it is proof, if it were needed, that someone is always watching, even when you least expect it.

But it's not just the average Joe who is being spied on, it also captures everything the Street View car does as well - such as, plowing through animals trying to cross the road, for example.

Yep, in a fairly tragic series of photographs, one Google car appears to hit an unsuspecting hare, sending it hurtling through the air and to its untimely death.

The devastating last few moments of the animal's life seem to have been caught by the camera mounted on top of the car to record 360' street-level images of a country road in Biala Droga, Poland.


The images also appear to show the exact moment the hare makes contact with the front of the vehicle, as it can be seen squashed against the screen. Grim.

Reacting to the images on social media, one person said: "You see the exact moment the hare is hit. It came from nowhere and flies through the air and everything.

"It really was a bad hare day! Hare today, gone tomorrow as they say."


But this isn't the first time Google's roaming camera has spotted some bizarre goings on.

Despite its main aim of preventing the world from getting lost, it always seems to be getting into trouble. Recently, we spotted a man aiming a weapon at the poor thing.

Why someone would aim a gun at a car is beyond me, but then again, I'd like to think that I'm a semi-rational person. Strangely enough, we've just come across yet another weapon wielding weirdo who has a vendetta against Google Maps. This time, the shocking footage was captured in Columbia.

Google Maps

By traversing the street step-by-step, you can watch the attempted robbery unfold. In the first shot, we can see a blurred-out man stood by the side of the street with a shifty looking fella wearing an orange t-shirt.

It's believed the Fanta-esque accomplice gave the man the gun in the first place.

In the second shot we can the orange-shirted man looking even shiftier as a tiny dog stands by. We're not sure whether or not the dog was involved in the crime.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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