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Grandad, 74, Furious After Fiancée, 21, Straddles Younger Man On Reality TV Show

Grandad, 74, Furious After Fiancée, 21, Straddles Younger Man On Reality TV Show

The show has been a bit of a bumpy ride for the to-be-weds

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Milojko 'Mikan' Božić and Milijana Bogdanović may not be names that you're instantly familiar with, however, you may recognise the pair as 'that Eastern European age gap couple'.

Mikan, 74, and his fiancée Milijana, 21, are currently participating in Serbia's Big Brother-style reality TV show Parovi - which means 'couples'.

This particular couple have been having a bit of a rocky time on the show. A few weeks ago, Mikan ended up storming off to bed after Milijana simulated having sex with another contestant on top of a washing machine.

The couple have been through a bumpy ride on the show.

Now, she's angered her man once again after straddling another contestant.

The straddling occurred in the show's so-called 'secret room', which really needs to be renamed, because not only did everyone see it on TV at home, but even the other housemates - including Mikan - saw the whole thing go down on a screen in a different room.

The man she was straddling was comparative whippersnapper Aleksandar Pozgaj, a 35-year-old politician.

Milijana got a little frisky with another contestant on the show.

He said: "Milijana desires sex, she shivered when I took her in my arms and started simulating sex."

Judging from some of the pictures from the show, it seems he did a fair bit more than just 'take her in his arms' too... with poor old (literally) Mikan watching on all the while.

That said, while it is obviously upsetting for the guy, this does sound like great TV and I would no doubt be occupying my evenings with this show if I lived in Serbia.

Aleksandar said Milijana wanted to have sex.

Despite her friskiness with Aleksandar, she did end up in bed with Mikan that evening, though he did apparently give her a good reprimanding.

Prior to appearing on the show, Mikan claimed he could have sex with Milijana twice a day twice a day. The couple also vowed that they would do the deed on the show. However, there has been no nookie between the two thus far.

Poor old Milojko saw the whole thing.

The couple - who are separated by a 53-year age gap - were due to get married in September, though local media report that the pair have been on the brink of splitting up several times since the start of Parovi.

When will people learn, eh? If you are single, you will not find love on the so-called Love Island, and if you are in a relationship, whatever you do, don't let your partner go on Strictly Come Dancing.

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