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Greta Thunberg Turns Down $75,000 Climate And Environment Award

Greta Thunberg Turns Down $75,000 Climate And Environment Award

The Swedish activist said the world doesn't need more awards, it needs action from world leaders.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is no stranger to getting some pretty big accolades.

The 16-year-old has become a bit of an icon since starting a global movement to spread the word about the health of the planet.

The teen's latest award has come from a Stockholm ceremony held by the Nordic Council, where she's been gifted with the organisation's annual environment prize, which comes with a $75,000 cash reward.

However, in a shock move, she's turned it down because she says it doesn't actually help the planet.

Greta Thunberg/Instagram

Writing on Instagram, Greta said: "I am currently traveling through California and therefore not able to be present with you today. I want to thank the Nordic Council for this award. It is a huge honour.

"But the climate movement does not need any more awards. What we need is for our politicians and the people in power start to listen to the current, best available science.

"The Nordic countries have a great reputation around the world when it comes to climate and environmental issues.

"There is no lack of bragging about this. There is no lack of beautiful words. But when it comes to our actual emissions and our ecological footprints per capita - if we include our consumption, our imports as well as aviation and shipping - then it's a whole other story.

Greta Thunberg/Instagram

"We belong to the countries that have the possibility to do the most. And yet our countries still basically do nothing.

"So until you start to act in accordance with what the science says is needed to limit the global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees or even 2 degrees celsius, I - and Fridays For Future in Sweden - choose not to accept the Nordic Councils environmental award nor the prize money."

She's been congratulated by her followers, with many praising the message that she's trying to send about the future.


Greta missed out on winning the Nobel Peace Prize earlier this year, which went to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for his work to bring peace to that region of Africa.

But she was gifted with an 'Alternative Nobel Prize' for her work in rallying the world to tackle climate change. That prize came with a cash reward of $150,000.

The teenage activist was listed as one of four winners of the 2019 Right Livelihood Award, which is widely known as the 'Alternative Nobel Prize' and celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

Along with Thunberg, other winners were Aminatou Haidar (Western Sahara), Guo Jianmei (China) and Davi Kopenawa/Hutukara Yanomami Association (Brazil).

Featured Image Credit: PA

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