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​Guy Surprises The Man In The Iron Lung With $10,000

​Guy Surprises The Man In The Iron Lung With $10,000

YouTuber Mitch Summers surprised Paul Alexander, saying the outpouring of support from fans has been 'unimaginable'

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A YouTuber has surprised Paul Alexander, otherwise known as 'The Man in the Iron Lung' with $10,000 (£7,200), saying he's 'touched' millions of people's lives.

At the age of six, Alexander contracted poliovirus and was rushed to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

However, a doctor quickly performed a tracheostomy - which involves opening the neck to place a tube into someone's windpipe - and he was placed into an iron lung, returning to his home in Dallas, Texas, 18 months later.

YouTube/Man in the Iron Lung

Earlier this year, appeared in a short YouTube documentary by Mitch Summers - who has since returned to visit Alexander, bringing an envelope of cash with him to hand over.

In a new video, Summers puts fan questions and comments to Alexander, who explains that his condition means life costs him 'a lot' of money.

"It costs a lot of money because I need care 24 hours a day," he says.

Summers then mentions their previous exchange, reminding Alexander that he had spoken about wanting to write a book so that he could 'inspire thousands of people'.

Summers says: "Paul, I have some news for you. Your dream has come true - but in a way, a little bit bigger.

"So now thousands of people, I'm talking millions and millions and millions of people you inspire.

"How does that make you feel?"

Alexander replies: "It's been phenomenal Mitch and I thank God for it."

Summers then reveals the main reason he'd wanted to revisit Alexander, reaching for an envelope stuffed with cash.

He continues: "Listen Paul, I've got something for you. In this envelope is $10,000 cash. Use it however you like."

YouTube/Mitch Summers

As Summers jokingly urges him not to 'spend it all in one place', a stunned Alexander looks up and says: "That's unbelievable.

"[...] I don't know the words to say. I mean, I don't know what to say."

Mitch goes on: "The outpouring of support from all the people - from the GoFundMe, from the video, from everything - was just unimaginable.

"You've touched my life, thousands of people's lives, millions of people's lives.

"And I want this to go to you."

Alexander, still choked up, adds: "I can't believe it. That's unbelievable."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Mitch Summers

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