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How Heroic Members Of The Public Pinned Down London Bridge Terrorist

How Heroic Members Of The Public Pinned Down London Bridge Terrorist

One man ran over wielding a narwhal tusk

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Heroic bystanders confronted the London Bridge attacker armed with a fire extinguisher and narwhal tusk and pinned him to the ground.

The man can be seen holding the narwhal tusk.

Footage filmed during the incident shows one man carrying the 5ft tusk while another soaks the man with the fire extinguisher.

The Narwhal tusk had been ripped from a wall at the Fishmongers' Hall, according to one eyewitness.

Taking to Twitter, a witness posted: "A guy who was with us at Fishmongers Hall took a 5' narwhal tusk from the wall and went out to confront the attacker. You can see him standing over the man (with what looks like a white pole) in the video. We were trying to help victims inside but that man's a hero."

Police have since confirmed that the suspect - who was wearing a hoax bomb vest - was shot and killed at the scene.

A number of members of the public bravely ran towards the attacker, who was armed with a knife, to try and disarm him.

Another man who was filmed walking away from the man carrying a knife was quickly hailed as a hero for his brave actions.

One witness told The Mirror: "This man was walking behind us on the other side of London Bridge when the attack began.

"He ran through traffic and jumped the central partition to tackle the attacker with several others. We ran away but looks like he disarmed him. Amazing bravery."

The suspect was tackled to the ground, while one man picked up the knife and walked off with it.


Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick confirmed that two people died and another three were injured.

The heroic actions of those who stepped in has been praised by Dick, who said they had shown 'extreme courage' during the incident.

She said: "Ours is a great city because we embrace each other's differences.

"We must emerge stronger still from this tragedy. In doing that we will ensure that the few who seek to divide us will never, ever succeed."

Praising those involved for their bravery, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: "I want to thank the emergency services and members of the public for their immense bravery in responding to this suspected terrorist attack at London Bridge.

"This is an appalling incident and all my thoughts are with the victims and their families."

As yet the names of the victims have not been released.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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