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Hitler And Eva Braun May Never Have Had Sex, Historian Believes

Rachael Grealish

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Hitler And Eva Braun May Never Have Had Sex, Historian Believes

Ever wondered about the relationship between maniacal despot Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun? Probably not something you've cared to dwell on too long - although you might be interested to learn their wedding night probably wasn't too eventful, as one historian thinks he has proof the pair never had sex.

In fact, Eva may not ever have had sex according to Professor Thomas Lundmark of the University of Hull, who believes she may have suffered from the condition known as Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome.

Eva Braun. Credit: Pen News
Eva Braun. Credit: Pen News

This is a condition that occurs when a foetus doesn't properly develop its reproductive system, meaning the child would have little or no uterus and a vaginal canal that can either be short, narrow or just not there all together.

If the condition isn't treated it means intercourse can be very painful or near impossible, at which point a person may seek out medical attention.

Key to Professor Lundmark's theory is a calendar kept by the wife of Dr Gustav Scholten, a prominent Nazi gynaecologist working at Munich's Klinik Rechts der Isar.

On the calendar, Mrs Scholten writes about a call received from the Berghof, one of Hitler's prominent residences.

It says: "Telephone call Berghof. Trip to Italy from Fuehrer. Thanks for operation Eva Braun."

OK, not too much to go on here, but this seems to suggest that Eva visited Scholten for some kind of gynaecological procedure. There's more to the theory, of course...

Dr Scholten didn't live to see the end of the war - or the death of the Nazi leader - as he died in a car accident in 1944. However, Professor Lundmark was able to track down his son, Gerhard Scholten .

A note from Eva Braun. Credit: Pen News
A note from Eva Braun. Credit: Pen News

Gerhard - who has actually passed away since speaking to the professor - said he remembered visiting Italy with his mother and father, courtesy of Hitler.

Professor Lundmark said: "I talked to the son and he told me that he was in the hospital and Eva's room was filled with flowers like a flower shop.

"He was actually there visiting his aunt and his aunt was saying, 'All she [Eva] does is complain the whole day and say how much pain she's in.'"

The operation on Eva was confirmed by her mother, Fanny, during an interview for a biography by the journalist Nerin Gun, which was published in 1968.

"She was operated on for a narrow vagina," said Professor Lundmark.

"So I started asking around - what the heck could this be? And I ended up talking to a surgeon at the Münster University Hospital, one of the most prestigious hospitals in Germany."

A note from Eva Braun. Credit: Pen news
A note from Eva Braun. Credit: Pen news

The doctor confirmed what the professor was describing as MRKH, which only affects 1 in 5,000 girls.

The evidence she didn't have sex with Hitler also come from the memoirs of the Nazi diplomat Eugen Dollmann, who said during a trip to Rome that Eva confessed she didn't have 'physical intimacy'.

According to Dollman, she said: "Mission, mission, mission is all he knows.... the very idea of physical contact would mean contamination of his mission. Many times watching the sun rise together he has confessed to me that he can only love Germany.

"The youth of Germany, who look up to him as an example, shouldn't have to be disappointed by sordid love stories, for then they would lose trust in the cause."

Pretty compelling case.

Featured Image Credit: Pen News

Topics: World News, Interesting, World War II

Rachael Grealish
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